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LG Refrigerator LFXC24796S - Instant Compressor Death?


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Nov 18, 2021
South Carolina
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1-5 years
We have a French door LG fridge that's about 4 years old. A little over a week ago the fridge and freezer stopped cooling. I contacted LG and they set up a service call, which happened two nights ago in which the compressor was replaced. The technician told me that the compressor model we had was a gen. 2 and the new one is a gen. 5 that required a software upgrade. He advised that the refrigerator would take about 72 hours to normalize, and that the temperature would fluctuate and go as high as 55 down to temperature setting (he set them to 35F/-3F) during that time. After about two hours the fridge was noticeably cooler.

Later that night I checked and the air in the refrigerator was warmer than the ambient air, staying at a steady 76F, with the freezer at 72F. Assuming this could be part of described fluctuation I left the unit running overnight however yesterday morning it was still at 76F. The mullion flap was also hot to the touch. We left the unit running and some research said that there could have been built up ice in a manner as if a door had been left open. During our lunch break we unplugged the unit to allow it to defrost if it needed it (I did not check to see if there was any ice build up in the back of the freezer at the time, but with it being 72 in the freezer I didn't think there would be any). When I came home four hours later I checked for any ice in the back of the freezer and seeing none I plugged the unit back in. After over an hour the temperatures had not budged from 76F/72F.

I have checked the back and the compressor is running, the fan is spinning, and the coils are clean. It's been about 40 hours since the compressor was replaced. Am I just being impatient? My concern was that the temperature is steady and above what the tech said it would be. Could a new compressor die that quickly? I guess I just need a little guidance for how long I should wait before contacting LG again.
That's way too long, you need to get the LG tech to come back out and see what's going on.

Contacted LG a few days ago; thanks to holidays someone won't be back to look at the unit until Dec. 1st. For being on the east coast it seems I'm in a black hole when it comes to LG authorized warranty repair. Thanks for replying and validating my concern.
Glad to hear, sorry to hear they are making you wait so long.


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