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LG refrigerator LTWS24223S/00 Ice maker freezing at water inlet tube


May 19, 2023
I have an LG refrigerator (model LTWS24223S/00) with a top freezer and inside frig water dispenser. Every few months the plastic tube that brings the water from the inlet hose into the ice maker gets water frozen inside it, and water leaks out the back of the frig onto the floor. To "fix" it, I need to remove the two screws in the back of the frig that bring water into the ice maker and "thaw" the plastic tube by using a turkey baster to inject warm water into the tube to loosen it, then removing the tube and dislodging the ice that has formed inside the tube. I would find it hard to believe that this is a design flaw in the refrigerator?

Did you take off the water supply line to the refrigerator water inlet valve and check to make sure you had good water pressure to the refrigerator?

I always pull the refrigerator out first, then turn the water supply line off to the refrigerator, then remove the water supply line to the water inlet valve, then get a bucket or container to catch water in, then put the water supply line in the bucket and turn the water supply on and see how fast its going into the bucket, it should have a very strong stream of water pressure into the bucket.

If your water pressure is good, then it could still be the water inlet valve--->The diaphragm in the ice maker side of the water inlet valve may not be closing completely and a small amount of water leaks past. When it gets to the ice maker fill tube, it freezes. When it builds enough ice it blocks the fill tube end of the water line.

Here's the water inlet valve for your model, if needed:
Valve,water MJX41869208

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