LG Rep Broke My Fridge They Won't Replace


Aug 1, 2015
Model Number: LFC25765ST
Brand: LG
Age: 1-5 years

I would highly encourage anyone reading this to avoid purchasing any LG product, given our recent experience. A technician came out to fix our year-old refrigerator under warranty and proceeded to damage it beyond repair in the process. Now, LG will not provide us with a replacement. Here was our experience with them and their customer service.

In March of 2014 we purchased a LFC25765ST French Door refrigerator. We received a great deal on the fridge at a price of $1,367. In July of 2015, the fridge suddenly stopped cooling. Below is a timeline of the ensuing events:

7/14/15: Called LG to set up a repair appointment.
7/16/15: An official LG technician came to our house and determined three different components that could be the cause of the issue. He informed us he would replace the most likely component, and if that didn’t fix it to call him to come out and replace the second component. We needed to give the fridge at least 24 hours to cool.
7/18/15: The fridge remained broken, so we called and made another appointment for the technician to return.
7/21/15: The technician came out to our house and repaired the next component. He informed us that if the fridge still wasn’t repaired, that the issue must be the compressor, and he would return to replace it. Again, we needed to give the fridge at least 24 hours to see if it would cool.
7/24/15: The fridge remained broken, so we called and made a third appointment for the technician to come out.
7/28/15: The technician returned to replace the compressor, noting that this repair would certainly solve our issue, but early in the repair process, he snapped a loop component in the fridge and stated that that particular component could not be repaired, effectively bricking our fridge in the process. He asked for our original purchase receipt, which we promptly provided, and said he would send it in to LG so that we would receive a reimbursement or a new fridge.

Keep in mind that my wife had to take time off of work for all three of these repairs in addition to our being without a working refrigerator for two weeks (and still going strong). In the end, LG has offered to provide us with a store credit at the location where we originally purchased the fridge, but for the original purchase price, not including tax or delivery, which together total an additional $200 in our original purchase. As this refrigerator was bought for an amazing--and now unavailable--deal after several days of research and shopping, even purchasing the exact same model would result in an additional expense of $500 at least.

I called LG's escalation center stating that I didn't want a store credit. I simply wanted them to send us either the identical fridge or the current model of it. It absolutely sickens me that they would send an official technician into my home, who would then effectively break my property, and expect me to have any out of pocket costs, let alone over $700. Bear in mind that customers are required to use LG repairmen, otherwise, the warranty is voided. When I asked the escalation center representative how he would feel if I came into his house, broke his property, and only paid him for a portion of what it would cost to replace it, he said, “But we paid you back for what you paid.” I said that I understood his viewpoint, but that an individual of his company destroyed my property and that an ethical solution should not cause any financial impact to me.

Based on this customer service, I would never purchase any LG product again. I have worked in a similar industry and we would always either cover our customer's replacement costs in these situations or, ideally, provide them with a new, identical product at our expense. No one should ever incur any out of pocket costs when a corporation is at fault for destruction of property. Beware all LG products. Not only did this fridge last 16 months before needing repairs, the company that made it clearly doesn't value its customers or ethical business practices.
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