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LG Top Load Washer WT1101CW OE Code - Drain Pump works could it be the Control Board?

Jan 3, 2020
Godley, IL
Model Number
6-10 years
Please bear with me as I am trying to rule out what isn't the problem to find what IS the problem. I am not a repair tech, but the wife of a husband that is a fantastic DIY-er and very mechanically inclined - thank goodness.

The last few washes the OE error came up but somehow when I went in to the rinse and spin cycle it would somehow drain. This last time it did not. My husband has since taken all the hoses off - no clogs. Pump has been looked at no clogs or foreign objects causing a jam, nothing interfering with the pumps performance. My husband took an appliance cord off an old broken appliance and stripped the wires - to allow him to plug into the outlet to power the drive pump up and it runs. When the washing machine starts the drain/spin cycles my husband would engage the pump to drain by using the appliance cord to power it on. The washing machine would run through it's wash cycles and the rinse cycles as it should as long as my husband would be sitting there giving the drive pump the power directly from the stripped appliance cord to drain the water from the tub. My husband tested the voltage with his voltmeter at the plug connector coming from the machine - read anywhere from 56 to 60 - from what I can recall (both black/red probes inserted into the conector).

What engages the drain pump to come on? How do we know if the control board is what needs replacing or if there is another connection to be looking at first. When examining all wiring at the back of the machine it all appears to be fine - nothing is discolored, corroded or otherwise.

My husband has opened up the area where the control board is housed and when looking at all the wiring and so for there nothing looks to be discolored or disconnected there either. I google searched - and came to the thread in the link below - read it and was hoping to gain some insight or direction on how to eliminate what the issue isn't and to pinpoint what needs to be replaced or repaired. Thank you in advance for any of you assistance.

Gretchen & Doug



Appliance Tech - Admin
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Aug 24, 2004
McMullen Valley, Arizona
Yes, its either the drain pump or control board(PCB), if your drain pump is working fine, then it has to be the control board as the cause of this OE error code.

Look here:

Your model uses the exact same PCB:
EBR76262102 PCB Assembly,main