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LG Tromm TE1 Code


Premium Member
Jun 23, 2006
ontario canada
I have an LG TROMM dryer that stopped working a while back, it would turn on, then turn off after a few seconds. No code or anything, just kept turning off. I talked to a Sears repair tech and he told me to change the thermoster. I changed it and it immediately started working again...for about 5 minutes, then I got the TE1 code, tempreture error. Apparantly this is fixed by changing the thermistor, but I already did that. Does the dryer store codes or something?? The dryer will work for about 5 seconds then I get TE1 and it stops. Before I changed the thermistor it would just turn off and not give me any codes. Is there anything I can do to fix this damn dryer?? Its driving me nuts!!