LG Washer WM0642HW - front rubber seal... any takers?


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Jun 25, 2021
Durham NC
I have a gently used front seal for my LG washer. Used for only a week or so. Free* (but you have to cover the shipping costs).

My LG needed a new seal. Just after installation, my bearings began to give out. Stopped using, and the seal was not harmed in the process. I've parted out the rest of the machine already, or recycled the bits. However, I had set aside this seal for someone who has since moved on in their washer life. If anyone needs a new seal, I'm from Raleigh NC. Feel free to email me paul -at- afterhoursconsulting.org. I'll try to pull this note as soon as it is gone, or my wife tells me to throw the seal out ;)