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LG Washer WT1101CW agitator - Instead of agitating, there is a loud grinding noise


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Feb 14, 2022
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6-10 years
The agitator on my WT1101CW appears to be stripped. Instead of agitating, there is a loud grinding noise. I can spin the agitator freely by hand. I removed the agitator and inspected it. The splines on the drive shaft seem okay, although I don't know what it ought to look like. The splines on the agitator (in the female part) seem totally ground off. See 3 photos.

A few weeks ago, I removed the agitator because we were having trouble with black grunge on the clothes. It came out without problems. I scrubbed the mold and crud off of the underside with a brush, and remounted the agitator. I'm guessing this led to the problem, but I don't see why. When I took it apart this time, the mounting screw required a socket and handle. It wasn't crazy tight, but it was tight. Oh, we also ran quite a few tub cleaning cycles with Affresh tablets and one with citric acid (for canning).

My questions are:
1. How do I tell if the splines on the drive shaft are still good?
2. If I replace the agitator, will this just happen again?
3. What part(s) do I need?

(Hope I've inserted the photos right...!!)





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Any guess for why it stripped after my recent removal and reinstallation of the pulsator? I wouldn't want to put in $250 of parts just to make the same mistake again and end up right back to where I am now.
Can't remember if I said so, but after the removal and reassembly, the machine ran fine and without noise for a month or so.
Any guess for why it stripped after my recent removal and reinstallation of the pulsator?
That I don't know, but just age and use wears those parts out. Happens with all brands of washing machines.

But yes I see what you mean, if the washer is closer to 10 years old, then its usually better to invest the $250 in a new washer, as other parts as well are naturally wearing too.

Average life of washers is only 8-12 years, the good old days of 20-30 years are long gone, unfortunately.

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Get ready to laugh. I've decided to replace the machine. That means I have nothing to lose, so I'm going to JB Kwik Weld the pulsator onto the drive shaft and see if it runs o_O:oops:. That costs me less than a dollar. If it runs, great. The next time I need to pull the pulsator, too bad and I replace the machine, but that's were I am now. How's that for insane?
That sounds fine to me.:)

When cleaning the splined shaft before applying the JB, I found that it was just packed with stripped out casting from the pulsator. I scraped and brushed it out. The shaft actually looks pretty good. I ran a cycle without the pulsator in and everything sounds smooth and quiet as new. No leaks. I'm going to buy a new pulsator, install it properly, and cross my fingers.

It looks like blue thread lock should go on the bolt. Should I use anti-seize on the splined shaft?

Looks good.(y)

No, don't use any Loctite on the Pulsator bolt.


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