LG Washers and Home Depot


Jan 31, 2019
I ordered a washer via Home Depot order H2562-86481 on 1/15. Had to refuse delivery on 1/19 due to dent inside drum, grinding noise, and exterior dents. Reordered. Replacement arrived 1/26 Again had to refuse delivery due to dents in front that had been made from INSIDE the front cabinet. Third washer ordered, to be delivered 2/1.

Update - the third replacement was supposed to be delivered tomorrow. Since I did not get a call from the delivery service this evening to tell me the time frame of the delivery I called them - and they told me they do not have the washer yet. So I was going to sit at home on a weekday and wait for a delivery that would not occur - I would have expected a phone call to cancel and reschedule. So I went to Home Depot Bowie store - and they can tell me nothing. I am really questioning whether I should cancel this purchase with Home Depot and LG and find another distributer and brand.
I'd go with Lowes and Whirlpool brand.

LG washers have too many problems.

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