LG WashTower ambient noise level


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Nov 5, 2022
I am considering replacing an old stacked washer/dryer combined unit as the capacity is too small for my needs. However, it is difficult to find larger capacity units that will fit the existing W/D closet and modifying the closet size is practically impossible (long story won't detail here).

I found the LG WashTower has generally good reviews and a large capacity despite a small footprint. It can fit my closet, but I will need to take the front door off permanently. I am concerned about the level of ambient noise produced while it is running.

Has anyone experienced noise issues installing an LG WashTower freestanding and not enclosed? Or has anyone measure the ambient noise dB of an LG WashTower?

p.s. Sorry in advance if this is the wrong forum, I am new here and will gladly accept recommendations for moving forums.
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