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LG WD100CK Sidekick Pedestal DE3 Error


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Mar 7, 2023
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1-5 years
Getting an error code DE3, which indicates door not properly closed. This error code is intermittent and nothing is blocking door. I've ensured door seal is clean, nothing is obstructing the door. The sidekick/pedestal washer is a couple years old.

Had service come out (Costco extended warranty) and they said there isn't a repair part. Seems hard to believe given the age of only a couple years.

Anyone have a good part number for presumably the door switch or controller board? And a procedure or part diagram by chance?

Terrific and thank you!

Anything that seems different/odd about the part? Still can't figure out why a service technician would come out then say part can't be ordered. Extended warranty folks are saying washer can't be repaired so they will refund my purchase. I'm definitely not complaining but this just seems too bizarre.
Update in case this helps anyone with the sidekick.

The switch for the door is up under the shell of the unit. Basically, you have to remove the screws on the drawer slides so you can pull the washer assembly out further, then look up under the case to see the switch.

The switch uses magnets to detect the position of the door and the lid. DE3 is when the lid isn't fully closed - but that just means a magnet in the switch isn't close enough to the sensor. So in reality, the door can be fully closed, but the sensor still thinks it's not, and flips the DE3 error code.

The problem with the switch is how it was designed/implemented. The magnet sits inside a flapper type piece of rubber so when you close the drawer with the door closed, the magnet should be close enough for the sensor to know it's there. Slight variation in position of the magnet causes the DE3 error code to flip at times, then other times it doesn't. Basically, design of the switch part was probably good but manufacturing variability wasn't considered and/or materials were changed which introduced sensing issues. I'm unsure if a new switch would be any different because I fixed it an alternate way.

Net of all this is that the switch exists.

*If you use a very low profile angled screwdriver, you can remove the switch without having to take the main washer off the sidekick. It does take patience and I had to buy a special screwdriver with a low enough profile.

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