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Lg WT5001CW - Issues with spin


Dec 17, 2021
Model Number
6-10 years
So the problem started when a quarter got stuck in the crack on the edge of the washplate. The washer was run with the quarter stuck like that and made quite a big of noise. The problems began after that. One example of what happens is when the wash cycle ends, it spins for a really long time. Usually it'll wind down over less than 30 seconds, but it now spins and spins after the buzzer went on for up to 2 minutes if it isn't stopped. The clothes aren't being cleaned like they used to. Soap will still be on them and if a pungent smell was on the items in there before the wash, it often still is. Adding an extra rinse cycle helps somewhat.

I know these clues are not great, and I am no expert on washing machines. Just wanted to see if anyone can point me in the direction of the problem based on this limited info, I can provide more if there is something I should investigate on it

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