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LG WT5001CW Washer water level question


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Mar 27, 2020
michigan mi.
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ok i have the LG WT5001CW washer and i finally figured out how to get the wash water to be high enough to actually wash the clothes. but it will not fill the tub high enough to rinse them so how in the world can you program the rise to put more that 4" of water into the tub? i sat at the machine for 1 hour and 40 minutes today washing sheets. i put in the fitted sheet the top sheet and 4 pillowcases and stood there and watched the machine do its thing. i have it set in a custom program to do cold wash the cold wash ring lights up and i have it set for heavy duty and rinse is lit up also that seems to put enough water in it for washing. but not for rinsing.

on that setting the water gets high enough so that when the machine goes into wash it agitates and then it will spin both ways and that lets the water go up over the top and spill back down on the clothes to get them all wet. then it agitates but when it went into rinse the water is not high enough to go over the top and spill back on the clothes to actually get them wet again

so today one of the sheets just sat there for the complete rinse cycle and did not get sucked under to actually rinse off the soap water form the wash. one set of sheets should not be so much as to not get wet.

i'm just about ready to install some type of timer to pour water into the tub during the fill cycles to put a bit more water into the tub. i should not have to set there and when the machine starts the wash or rinse to open the lid and restart it to make it dump more water into the tub.

so what does a person have to set this machine on to get it to put water into the tub to actually fill it enough to do the job.

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