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LG WT5101HV Top Loader Error UE Unbalanced Load during rinse and spin cycles.


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Apr 15, 2019
Orange County, CA
Model Number
6-10 years
Well I finally was able to get the Wash Plate removed and the Direct Drive Clutch Shifter and Spindle assembly replaced. Reassembled everything and all seemed well except now I keep getting ERROR CODE "uE" Unbalance Load during both the Rinse and Spin Cycles. This occurs whether doing 4 similar towels or even just a test wash with nothing in the tub.

I have to my knowledge reset the computer by having the power turned off for 5 minutes, pressing the PAUSE / START Button 5 times and even opening and closing the Top Load Cover 12 times. Regardless the same "uE" Error Code appears each Rinse and Spin Cycle.

The machine is located in the same spot as it was originally sitting. I have checked the levelness of the unit using a Level, it appears to be perfectly level.

How does one fix this condition.

When the machine goes into Spin Mode the noise I hear now is either clacking like a railroad car going over rail welds or like galloping horses on pavement.

Here is a Google Drive Link to several audio files in both WAV and MP3 formats.


Also is their a more complete way to read the computer board and perform diagnostics?

Thanks for your guidance.