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LGHD2369TF5-Freezer and Fridge Not Cooling but Ice Maker in the Fridge is Working


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Mar 13, 2022
Akron, Ohio
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1-5 years
Refrigerator was working fine, then we noticed we were not getting ice from the top ice maker through the door. Opened the ice maker and it was low on ice and very frosted up inside the bin. Went to get ice from the lower freezer section and found everything was thawed out in the freezer and the ice tray in the freezer contained only melted ice. After that we noticed the refrigerator wasn't cool enough either. Unplugged it for a while and plugged it back in, same issue. The next day I pulled off the rear panel and the condenser coil was very dirty, and the compressor was very warm to hot (not sure how warm it should be). Unplugged it again, cleaned the coils good with a brush and vacuum. Plugged it back in and let it run for a few hours. Found the fridge and the freezer not cooling below 56 degrees. But the ice maker in the fridge compartment started working and is making ice.

Any ideas?

What are the temps in both the freezer and refrigerator sections right now?

Do you hear the fan in the freezer running?

They we're both at 56F and rising slowly before I turned it off (I didn't want to cause any more damage). Fridge and Freezer fans were running as well as the condenser fan.
Is the compressor running?

I think so, it was warm/hot to the touch and the top ice maker was working. I’ll plug it back in tonight to see if I can tell for sure.
How can it make ice at 56 degrees F? It can't even freeze water into ice until 32 degrees F.

Use a physical freezer thermometer to measure the temps, don't depend on what the digital display says on the front of the door.

The ice maker is in the refrigerator. It must have its own freezing ability? That’s why I thought it was weird also. Temps were taken with a digital thermometer.
Ok, then you may have a sealed system problem.

If you can remove the back panel inside the freezer and take a photo of your evaporator coil so we can see the frost pattern on it, that would help determine the issue.

This video should give you the general idea to how to remove the back panel inside the freezer--->Frigidaire Refrigerator Disassembly


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