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LMX25984 LG Refrigerator - Freezer 34F and No Ice


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Feb 12, 2023
Pinckney, MI
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More than 10 years
Hello! I'm new and thank you for any thoughts.

I found the service manual, but (sorry) don't understand the steps and believe it's not written well (probably because I'm not a fridge technician).

This unit has a linear compressor that was replaced by LG about 7 yr ago. I know how to use a multimeter and checked between the contacts and between the upper-left and bottom I get about 7.8 ohms. The out pipe doesn't seem to get too hot though.

The board has a test button, but no light on it (I've seen videos that state the error codes come by "morse-code" with a lookup table) and I don't see any error codes on the front but . Received the 22 and 33 codes as outlined in the service manual.

There is a hole on the left side of the ice maker and I inserted a pin to get the ice maker to activate and put water in, but ice has never come out.

Someone said to defrost it and see what happens, but haven't done that yet.

Any help would be appreciated.
Do you hear the freezer fan motor running when you open the freezer door?

You can remove the back panel inside the freezer and take a photo of your evaporator coil, we would need to see the frost pattern on it.

Normal would be a thin layer of frost on ALL the coils from TOP to BOTTOM.

Look at the very bottom photo below where it says NORMAL FROST PATTERN.

Frost Patterns.jpg
Thank you so much, Jake. We couldn't get the panel off, so called a technician. He said that given the unit is 13 yr old, the compressor looked like it was failing, that the board likely needed updating, and it would cost ~$1500 to repair it wasn't worth it.

I appreciate your thoughts and if you have any others, that would be great.

Have a great night
Ok, thanks for the update!

Have a great night too.

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