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LNC6760B71 Admiral washer bearing noise and not spinning

Mike Bullard

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Aug 3, 2019
Pacifica CA
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Hi I have a admiral capacity Plus washer model LNC6760B71 that had a very very loud bearing noise while spinning and now it will agitate and pumps its water out but no spin at all now. What's wrong with it and how do I fix it . Is it worth fixing?
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Aug 24, 2004
McMullen Valley, Arizona
Hi Mike,

Tilt the washer back and take the belt off the pulleys and turn the water pump pulley first to make sure that's not the one making the noise, if not then, you actually have 2 spin bearings, upper and lower, I'd check the lower bearing first to see if it turns rough or smooth.

The problem with it not spinning now is likely the thrust bearing wore out and you'd need to order the thrust bearing kit below too.

Here's the lower spin bearing:
12001562 Bearing Assembly (lower)

In order to replace the lower bearing you would need to remove the thrust bearing and the brake assembly from the unit. The brake tool to release the brake spring is No Longer Available. A member back in Dec. 2008 was able to use longer screws in place of the shorter screws to release the brake spring pressure, thus avoiding the need to purchase the brake tool: FIXED Admiral washer LNC6760B71 snubber

Here's the thrust bearing kit and video that shows the way to remove and replace it first to get to the lower spin bearing for others following your thread.

12002213 Thrust Bearing Kit


Then once you have removed the thrust bearing kit and brake spring, then there will be 3 bolts you have to remove to get access to the lower spin bearing. Once the bearing is removed turn it both ways to see if it turns rough or smooth, normal would be smooth.

Let us know how it goes.