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Loose pin


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Feb 16, 2005
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I heard a metallic noise, like something loose when the washer started- just after finishing filling up. I turned it over and removed the coupler, which was bad and found the loose pin. Also, what is the easiest way to reconnect the motor/ drive assembly? I removed it to facilitate the installation of the coupler, due to the little space in my Kenmore model 110 92281110. It's about 1/2" inch away from the 3 supports and the bolts do not reach. When I push the assembly, the whole washer moves forward. Thank you.
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The pin is likely a shipping pin....they are put into plastic cups under the washer to save them in case they are needed to move the washing machine to a new loaction/house.


Shipping Pins drop into plastic holders upon installation of the washer. They remain in the plastic cups. They look like nails with a hole in the end of them. You can remove them from the washer and it will have no effect on the machine.

To help with the motor and motor coupler, remove the cabinet....this link here should help you out :)

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Thank you very much. I saw the cups and was wondeing what they were for. Thank you for your help.:)
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Your welcome, hope we helped :)

Hopefully the pics work soon again as thier site seems to be down at the moment.


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