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FIXED LP to NG Conversion Wolf Gourmet AS30KI-4 (1999)


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Oct 14, 2018
Upstate New York
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Good Day,

Purchased a pre-owned 30" Wolf Gourmet AS30KI-4 range. This was manufactured in October 1999 about six months before Sub Zero bought the brand. Looks to be in nice condition and seller stated such. Just picked up so have not even had a chance to plug in, still sitting in van. If its weight is an indication of the quality then this is a fantastic range.
It is currently set up for LP, I need to convert it to natural gas. Purchased the conversion kit through Dvorsons for about $200.

Can anyone provide tips or refer to a post or YouTube video with directions for replacing the orifices (have a new regulator coming too)? I understand the general premise and have experience with gas appliances. Looking for some tips so it is not an all day project.
Also looking for PDFs of the owners manual or other materials and a link to any forums specializing in these 'vintage' ranges.

Thank You,

Range in seller's garage, recently moved out due to kitchen renovation.


Enamel is very clean.

Instructions should be in the box. If you bought it from the original owner he should have the nat. components since it's shipped for nat. I haven't converted one for several years but with only four burners give yourself a few hours and do it before installing it. A caution: once ready to go always make sure the rings are seated properly. If not the flame will actually melt the burner.
I didn't get the feeling from Dvorsons that it was the kind of thing that includes step by step directions, time will tell! Meanwhile they are very helpful on the phone and could probably help if I got 'stuck'.
The gentleman I bought it from is not the original owner, it was in the kitchen along with a paneled subzero fridge when they moved in, now a few years later his wife wants to renovate and have "all black appliances".🤷‍♂️

Noted on seating the burners.
'Kit' arrived, no directions but it included a parts list, thanks! I understand where the range, outer burner and I think broiler orifices go(once back panel is removed, I think it will be obvious). I have to look at the range to understand exactly where to loosen the fittings for the tiny inter burner orifice.
One thing I am not clear on the location of are the bypass things. Where do I find them, are they on the backside of the valves?

Two side notes, please excuse the filthy condition of the range, the seller had it in his garage, I will clean before installing. This message board is so easy to use. The other boards I am on for my car are living in 1999, no drag and drop phots etc. Love this.

Last stupid question... for today, do I need to use thread tape on the offices?
Welcome any tips to make this job smooth.

With Thanks,

This snip is from a user manual on the wolf site for the R304 which was the new model number for my legacy AS30Ki.
Screenshot 2023-03-28 at 10.25.44 AM.png

I suggest using hex head wrench's--NO tape on anything. The by-pass orifice's go into the front of the valves, inner on right, outer on left. Those part#'s do not agree with my manual but that's probably due to SZ changing them.
The part numbers do not agree more likely because they packed the WRONG KIT in the box. This Adco company is the worst I have dealt with in some time. Really disappointing experience.
I was looking at the pieces and thinking this cant be right, the biggest tip off was the four orifices in the bag tagged for the broiler when I thought there should be one similar to the oven orifice. Sure enough after they looked into it they agreed. New box hopefully in the mail, who knows.
Why four for the broiler? That 56 is for LP, even says LP on that sheet. Probably should have gone to SZ distributer and got a 802804 for $100.00
There should be one for the broiler not four, you are correct. This along with the LP on the sheet is what tipped me off to call them. They are shipping the correct kit.
My first call was to subzero they told me to get lost and call ADCO because the stove is dated from before the acquisition.
From what I gather, this range is from the last few months of the original owners before subzero bought the brand. I imagine the first stoves under subzero must be identical to this mechanically aside from the different wolf label, correct? Is the part number shared above for the conversion kit of an early model wolf/sz range?
I paid $215 shipped for the orifice kit plus a new regulator.
I have an 801692 on the shelf-NG to LP- it says it's for all the old and most of the new which were the same. Your new is an R304. If you decide to order the 802804 it will come with enough to convert a 60" range. Why a new reg? That might be a bear to change.
I am going LP to NG.
It is frustrating that Subzero would not say to me, I know you have a legacy range but we know it uses the same parts as the R304 so here is the number or we can sell it to you.

A new regulator because my 'friends' at https://www.dvorsons.com/ said they always recommend (selling) one with conversions. I had not picked up the stove yet so did not know what was on it. The original plan was place the order, have everything I need to install when I picked up the range a few weeks ago. Needless to say that has not happened. I plan to try to return it. It looks like the one on the range can be opened and then flip the thing around for NG.

New parts arrived and I started the conversion yesterday. In about an hour I swapped the four top burners. On the to do list list today is the bypass things, the oven and broiler. Looks like the front panel behind the burner knobs comes off to reach the bypass. Imagine I have to take the back panel off for the broiler and maybe the kick plate to access the oven, or do I need to take the oven floor out for that?
Lastly, do I just vacuum the burners and burner rings to clear the dusty junk that has accumulated there or should I be brushing with a brass brush or something?
I plan to clean all the stainless prior to install, know how to do that.

IMG_9959.jpeg IMG_9959.jpeg IMG_9960.jpeg IMG_9961.jpeg
Two screws R&L under panel, I put a large plastic box thats high enough on open door to support it. You have the thermo and wires still attached. I wouldn't use the wire brush on rings & caps but should be OK on the heads. Put some tissue in the hole. You don't have to remove the floor to do the bake change but it might be worthwhile to so you can look at the burners condition. Yes on the back panel for broil
Lucky for me the range is still sitting in the cargo van I picked it up in so I could stand on the ground to do the work today, was not as great when I was hunched over inside doing the burners.
All 8 bypasses are installed. Removed oven floor after having to drill out one of the floor retaining screws which was already stripped and rusted in place. The burner looks like it has at least another year or two, will see how fast it lights once I plug it in, to decide if a new igniter is necessary. The amount of dust *and* mouse shit in this range is frightening, will vacuum then clean before first use.
Two items left, broiler orifice which I need to find the right wrench to reach, hard to grip, then the regulator. The stickers on the bottom back right of the range indicate it was shipped set up for propane. Took the metal cap off the regulator, inside there is a plastic disc which can be threaded in and out, behind that a spring. Not one of the units were you a flip something over to use for LP or NG. Thinking the distance the plastic disc is threaded in makes the adjustment, welcome any recommendations on where it should be set for NG.
I called Maxitrol and they 'can not talk to consumers...' it is a model RV48NL 1/2". I have a new regulator I could put on, and there is that union to facilitate removal but would be simpler not to...


Figured out I could thread out the 90 degree fitting holding the broiler orifice. It seems to be cemented to the fitting. Any recommendations before I just drill out the hole

If this was converted before probably pipe dope or anti seize. A little heat might do it. My manual show two elbows? One LP & one Nat. but the #'s don't show up Found an 816535 that comes with a #48 orifice
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According to the stickers on the back, it was sent from the factory set up for LP.
Put the elbow in my vice, tried a socket and it let free! New one installed. Last hurdle is adjusting the regulator. Looked at the new one I was sent and it’s the same setup! Disc inside that you screw in our out to adjust the setting. Is there a different section here where I could ask about this? After that I’m ready for install.
I would contact maxitrol and ask them. Pic shows an adjusting screw under the cap but no idea how to do it. Compare the two as to what height that screw is at.

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