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FIXED LP to NG Conversion Wolf Gourmet AS30KI-4 (1999)

I called Maxitrol yesterday and they 'can not talk to consumers...' it is a model RV48NL 1/2.
I looked up a few YouTube videos. It looks like it’s just trial and error adjusting it.
Installed range yesterday. All hooked up, working to dial in flames. Need to adjust regulator and air mix. I left the simmer burger air shutters where they were, seem to be good. The outer rings, I adjusted the vent tube out so that both rings are visible on tube, I believe this is the default natural gas setting, please correct if wrong.

RearLeft this burner I think is too high
FrontLeft this one sputters a bit maybe not high enough?
RearRight Looks okay?
FrontLeft This one only likes to run on the simmer, going to pull the whole thing off and see if any spiders etc made a home inside obstructing the main burner flow

Is the flame 'leakage' seen below the front left and perhaps on other burners, 'normal' or is this because the burners are slightly deformed, do they need to be replaced or can they be used and replaced if it gets worse?
Welcome any tips on dialing this in.

It was quick but those back two burners either the rings are not seated or the base is deformed. Take a good burner and swap the rings. When you cleaned did you make sure all holes are clear?
I took all the burner bases and tops off again and slowly checked them on the granite counter. None are totally flat, all rock, maybe one set is still 'good'. The simmer burners are good. Assume I need to replace them.

I was looking at part number 803965 is this correct? Any recommendations on preferred distributor? Are they the same price everywhere?

Took another longer video, see below, after putting all the burners back on and mating 'the best pieces' together. Have seen a well tuned range like this and the flames were much more defined than mine, is this because of the leakage from the bad rings? Also installed the new igniter, oven lights quickly now. Turned the regulator down more, oven flame looks good.

What is all of this junk that fell out of the oven burner when I tipped it to install the igniter? Have found similar in the burner bases.
Lastly, I put the range back together so I could cook some pasta for dinner and noted the flames are a little more defined with the top on. I think it affects the airflow.
I was going to suggest that. You will have to use distributor for your area. SZ/Wolf pretty strict about this. 803965 is correct. There alot of issues with air flow on the 4 burner units especially when the oven is on. There was a "kit" to solve this. I'll go thru my papers to see if I can find it.
Long story short the distributor who services NY and other areas has been effectively closed since a week ago due to a server crash. The distributor who services New England is accepting orders from those of us in the impacted territory.
New burner rings arrived today, great service, shipped same day. Installed them this afternoon and to my great disappointment all is still not well. Please see video below. The rear left burner which was already the best of the bunch, looks even better and I think this is how they should all be operating.
Front left is making all that noise, front right does not like to light the outer ring and the rear right is making noise too and you can see that flame on the inside. Not sure where to go from here.

They all seem to be lifting. You need a manometer to measure pressure after the regulator-5" WC- . If that's good try sliding the venturi in&out while burner is on. Lastly the bases might be disformed from age and poor usage.
Checked and the new FLAT burners do rock some in the bases 🤦🏽‍♂️, the back left does not really rock and that’s why it looks good i would guess. Will order 3 today.
Does the rear left burner look like what you would expect?

The regulator sticker says it can provide 5”-12”, I will dial the adjusting button basically as far out as allows the cap to go back on and then thus should be 5”, correct?

For future reference what kind of poor usage would cause the parts to deform? (So I can avoid this).

Lastly should the door close ‘tight’ or just sort of touch the frame of the range. Thinking the spring may be stretched and needs to be replaced.

Thank you.
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I have no idea about that regulator, all the ones I've worked on were convertible. By poor usage I caution you in my 1st post. Make sure you can remove the inner burner base from the body. Also if the ignitors have never been replaced they're hard wired to the spark mod so you have to remove back to access. Those doors are a PIA, you might be able to get more tension depending on how much thread is on the eye bolt
Okay so just insuring proper alignment and seating of the rings. 👍🏼 One would think that is obvious, though the prior owner did screw that up...
Spring retaining eye already threaded to max tension. Ordering a replacement.
Will buy or borrow a manometer soon and confirm setting of regulator.
Just removed inner burner base from the three aluminum burner bodies. Two came off nice, little more than finger tight. The other I needed an extension on my allen wrench to get it free, the threads are a little 'worn', going to see if I can clean them up and still re-use it.

I appreciate you sharing your experience and helping me!
One other thing about that door. As you can see there really isn't a gasket per say, just those strips attached to the oven cavity. I mentioned air issues up post and if there's a slight gap there will be too much air during combustion
should I gently bend all of the strips out a little to give them more 'spring'? Hopefully the new spring gives a tighter seal. The only other weird spot is at the corners, not clear which pieces should be on top or underneath the other. Maybe it does not matter.
Man, you're taxing this old farts memory. That kit I mentioned up post had new strips + other upgrades I'll see if I can find it. I wouldn't bend them
I figured you were a young guy 😄
I wonder if I call ADCO if they can tell me if the recall work was ever done on this unit. The catch is they’d have to answer the phone or return a voicemail to find out.
79, doing this for 30+ years. The recall( really no such thing) is a rework and not by ADCO but by SZ as a fix for burner issues when oven in use.
Let me know if you find the details on that service kit.
I used a manometer to test the inches of water column at one of the high burner gas lines and it is reading 5.6. It stayed pretty steady, even when turning on two other burners.
I need to dial the regulator slightly.

Tested the oven yesterday, getting a little bit of delayed ignition with everything put together. Very annoying. Welcome, any recommendations.

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