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FIXED LP to NG Conversion Wolf Gourmet AS30KI-4 (1999)

I am starting to think they sent the incorrect orifices again… what size should be on the high side stovetop burners?
They are 16k burners, I assume that’s the sum of the inner and outer ring BTU? They don’t post the breakdown, inner min is 500, guess on low, 1500BTU? That would leave 14500 for the outer ring. Looking at one of those tables at 5”WC that would be a 51 orifice size. The ones they sent are stamped 60, I think they are too small!! Also the burners need the air shutters closed way past what is reasonable to get a stable flame. Would that make sense if the office is not large enough?
A 60 would be for 5100BTU…
According to my manual the original NG orifice is stamped 170. This should be shown on the instructions listing all components.
These are stamped 60. I imagine that is the size they are drilled to. Looking at this table for the 5” WC that’s telling me it’s not big enough 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️


Again what does the instructions say. You did get the kit correct and from a SZ distributor? There is no orifice 60 listed in my manual
No instructions provided, only a parts list. My confidence that the correct parts were supplied in the labeled bags is low based on my experience with the wrong kit being shipped first. The kit was ordered from Adco who is the authorized parts dealer for the pre-SZ model years. Now having learned that the first SZ model year(s) are ostensibly the same I would have ordered it from my 'local' dealer. We are past that point.

I think the next step is to verify the correct orifice size that should be used with the burner and then I can measure against what I have to confirm if it is the correct size. Welcome your thoughts on this plan.

Nice observation!
Can’t wait to call these clowns tomorrow and ask them to help me understand all of this…
Top burner outer has a -51 which lines up with what I was thinking based on that chart.
So frustrating.
Confirmed your suspicion, the -51 is the number the orifice should be drilled to.... and is not. Contacted the seller yesterday who talked with Adco who shipped the items, explained the whole thing and how I confirmed the parts are not correct. Adco wrote back and said they were correctly drilled :LOL: what a joke. So then I took a video showing that they were NOT and if they were the hole would be larger than 1/16 and there was no way that bit was fitting through the existing hole so they clearly are not correct. Waiting for reply to video, sent EOD yesterday so hope to hear back today.
Really unbelievable. I have asked them to ship a new FULL kit overnight and have a supervisor confirm each part along with a partial refund.
That link i gave you is right out of the manual, you would be better off just to order the 802804 kit and try to get a full refund from ADCO
I agree with your recommendation to order from the distributor. Now knowing that the parts should basically all be the same with the first SZ model, I can do so for future parts needs. I just called the regional distributor, guarantecedparts.com, 802804 is backordered 3-4 weeks. So I will see what ADCO comes up with.

My other experience with ordering from guarantecedparts for the burners was very positive, they shipped the same day and it arrives next day due to their proximity to me. They also have a 365 day return window on unused parts. Only downside, which seems to be across distributors is the shipping fees scheduled by order total instead of weight.
New orifices arrived two day shipping from adco! Apparently my video showing they were 100% wrong made an impression. Looked into canceling the order and re-ordering from distributor. However, the kit was at least three weeks back ordered they said.

Installed last night. Adjusted the regulator while burners and oven were on to a 4.8”WC. Runs at a 5”WC with three burners and no oven, a little higher with one burner. We typically are using multiple burners.
Remove the oven burner again cleaned it. Re-drilled the tiny holes by the igniter. Delayed ignition seems to be much better, After a few tests.

So annoying that this company’s ineptitude caused all this frustration and wasted time.

Last thing I am still working on is the oven door. Even with a new spring once it is part way open the door does not have much spring and will drop. I’m thinking this is just poor design…. Possibly a stronger aftermarket spring would improve it? Any experience with this?

Many thanks for sharing all of your experience and support.


Congrats---nice flame. The door has always been an issue which is why they moved to a "normal" door. No adjustments other than the spring that I'm aware of

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