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FIXED LRE3061ST LG Range multiple buttons suddenly stopped working


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Jul 30, 2020
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1-5 years
I had a problem when the Start button, several number buttons and two sets of burner control buttons all stopped working.

After doing appliance repair blog searches i found references to cleaning the touchpad
ribbon cable connection to the controller PCB. In this case, cleaning the connection had no effect.

I was puzzled as to why suddenly multiple buttons stopped working, especially since these buttons were not all near to each other. I also I was not thrilled about paying The cost of a new touchpad assembly. On this LG model the touchpad is permanently adhered to the stainless steel vertical control panel behind the cook surface. Because LG chose to permanently adhere the touchpad to the stainless steel control panel, a replacement touchpad is ridiculously expensive.

I thought back to what was done to the range between the time everything was working fine and when these buttons stopped working. The only thing that was done in that period of time was, I did a through surface cleaning of the range, including the touchpad surface. That got me thinking, is it possible that cleaner and/or water got inside the touchpad?

I removed the control panel and then removed the two PCBs from the back of the control panel. With the control panel in its normal vertical position, I applied some alcohol around the perimeter of the touchpad. Looking at the back of the stainless steel control panel, I could see alcohol seeping out the various slots and holed in the sheetmetal that the touchpad is mounted to. Clearly LG made no effort to seal the junction of the touchpad and the stainless steel sheetmetal it’s adhered to.

I continued to add alcohol around the top edge of the touchpad in the hope of flushing the cleaner/water from the interior layer of the touchpad. Then to evaporate the alcohol I used a hair dryer to heat both the front surface of the touchpad and the sheetmetal behind it. When reassembled, all buttons worked again. I’ve considered trying to apply clear silicone around the edge of the touchpad but I’m not confident that I would be able to make it look decent. It needs to be a very thin and even bead.

There is one caution in attempting to flush out the touchpad. The smoky film that is applied to the transparent areas that overlay the various LED displays is very easily removed with slightest touch of alcohol. If you try to soak up any alcohol on the pack of the control panel with a paper towel or cloth, take care to not touch these display windows. I learned that the hard way and had to come up with a way to repair several of these display windows.

Hope this help others. Because of the significant design flaw, it is very easy to cause this problem with normal cleaning.


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Dec 5, 2020
Hey Ldrag, I cant thank you enough for posting this. I had the same exact problem after cleaning my touchpad and was able to fix it. Thanks for the advice, it saved me a bunch of money.