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LRG3081ST/00 the oven wont maintain temp. I have replaced the igniter, temp sensor, power board & main board. The temp variaance as much as 75/100+


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Mar 5, 2023
united states
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6-10 years
LG LRG3081ST/00 the oven wont maintain temp. I have replaced the igniter, temp sensor, power board & main board. The temp variance is as much as 75/100 degrees plus to 50 degrees minus set at 350.
That's very odd, did you buy your parts OEM or aftermarket? And from where?

These relate to this issue:

All OEM parts. the igniter from LG repairman, the sensor, panel boards from Sundberg America. The issues continued even after replacing the new OEM parts. I guess it's possible the igniter might have been bad, it was in the original factory box with foam padding.
Yes, I'm also thinking its possibly a defective oven bake igniter.

Read this thread post, I explain how to test it:
Thanks, I will test the new igniter. I'll have the price of a new range just in replacement parts when this is fixed, if it gets fixed. Thanks for your help!!
Glad to help!

Yes, let us know what you find.
I had a LG tech come to check my recently installed igniter and requested that he also bring a new OEM igniter with him. He checked the recently installed new igniter with a Clamp style Amp Probe, it tested @ 3.6 amps. He couldn't justify replacing another new igniter with the current one testing very strong. He set the oven bake setting @ 350 and it shut off @ 425 and it reached 450 before starting to cool down, then the igniter restarted the oven back @ 285. He recalibrated + or - by 35 degrees and did not affect the temp either way. His only thinking is that I may have a defective temp sensor. So I will pick one up the first of the week and replace it with the one that's less than 90 days old. Any other ideas that I might try?
Thanks for your input and help; regardless, after replacing the new parts it still doesn't maintain temp. I have now replaced this stove with a new one with an extended warranty.
Ok, Thanks for the update!

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