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LSFXC2476S LG Frig and Freezer not cooling


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Aug 29, 2022
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1-5 years
Noticed fans were not running inside either of the compartments. Compressor and coil fan are running. Removed panel for circuit board and ran diagnostics. Test 1 turns on the compressor, coil fan and the fans inside the frig and freezer. This test passed. Everything worked fine. However, when the tests are complete, the fans turn off inside both compartments and will not cool. Circuit board issue? Sensor?

Coil is not getting any frost on it so I'm leaning toward a sealed system issue. LG refunded the cost of the unit because they couldn't find an appliance repair company to fix it for at least 4-6 weeks. We are keeping the frig and hoping to make repairs ourselves. Is there a way to isolate where the problem is within the sealed system? Is this a repair I should even attempt? I am handy with an Electrical Engineering degree.
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Its usually a faulty compressor on these LG models.

Compressor/sealed system work is not a repair a normal consumer can do. Doing compressor/sealed system work is very unique craft that you need to be trained in with lots of hands on experience.

Doing sealed system work requires you to have a turbo torch, acetylene for the torch, knowledge of how to use and weld with a turbo torch, also having a vacuum pump, and the proper amount of R-134a to use, changing the Filter Drier as well, solder, flux, silfloss, sandpaper, etc.

You need to be a certified Type 1 40 CFR part 82, subpart F. AHAM-NARDA Refrigerant Tech. to change Compressors or do any sealed system work involving Freon(Refrigerant Gas). I got certified on 11-17-1994 when i worked for Montgomery Ward Service Dept.

You'd have to have a licensed refrigeration tech come out and do it for you.

Cost can range from $800 to $1000

Thanks. I've read a lot about LG's compressor problems. Will this be a continuing problem in your mind? I don't want to spend $1000+ and have it fail again in 2 years. This happened exactly 22 months after the purchase date.
I wouldn't do it, not worth the risk.


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