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LSQ9600LW1 Maytag Whirlpool Ultimate Care II: Will not spin and clicks


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Dec 7, 2019
Dallas, TX
Model Number
6-10 years
I have a Maytag Washer that my roommate bought for cheap from someone on Craigslist. I'm not entirely sure of it's age, but we were able to use it for about a week before I noticed that the spin cycle had stopped working.

I could hear the motor running, but it was definitely not agitating/spinning.
There were some threads that I read on this forum that detailed my problem.
I replaced the Drive Coupler and the Drive Block, following the instructions/videos that the threads provided.
When I reassembled the washer and tested the spin cycle, there was an audible, rhythmic clicking that I think is coming from the clutch.
(The clicking was not a symptom before I did these repairs.)

I have a feeling that I did not reassemble the clutch correctly or that I have lost a part during the repairs.
While I had the washer apart, I did notice a small pin that didn't seem to have a purpose.
I've attached a picture of this piece.

Let me know what you think!


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It wasn't necessarily broken, just worn out. I decided that since I was going to try and repair it, replacing some of the parts that wear down wouldn't hurt.

Make sure the motor grommets are on.

That wouldn't cause the clicking would it?

The motor is spinning and I'm having trouble locating it's source.
I think it is in the clutch. Is there a specific way the clutch is supposed to be aligned?
Should I just replace the whole clutch assembly?
OK so the motor and coupler are turning but there's no spin or agitate?? You may have a bigger problem. Click on this part link and there's a repair video for the clutch. Check if you have it installed right. The cam driver might be worn.
Yeah, motor and coupler are spinning just fine, yet there is no agitation or spin.
Ordered the clutch assembly - I'll update you once it's been installed. I'm fairly certain this is the final piece that needs to be replaced.

Fingers crossed!
Yes, Rick is correct, if its not agitating either then your tranny is shot, so order a tranny too if you plan to fix it.:)

Here's the transmission for this model you can order(Video Included):
3360629 Neutral Drain Transmission

Well, I don't know for certain that it wasn't agitating. I just know that the tub was not rotating when I tested it on the spin cycle. If the new clutch does not fix this problem, then I'll know that the transmission is the problem. At that point, we would have already spent more on the machine than what we paid for it.
Yes, that is true, but you won't find a better machine on the market today than the one you have, unless you get a Speed Queen.:)


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