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LWA90AW - cycle stops, clicking, straining on anything but light loads


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Feb 12, 2023
New Hampshire
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More than 10 years
My Amana LWA90AW stopped mid-cycle today with the minutes display blinking. The tub was full of clothes and water.

- Trying different things like SPIN or RINSE/SPIN to drain it and only hear clicking and motor trying to start but then gives up with blinking minutes display and nothing else.
- Unplugged for 5-10mins, emptied 1/2 of the tub and then was able to complete a SPIN cycle.
More info - after unplugging and letting sit for a bit and then trying to do a SPIN-RINSE cycle I can see with the front cover off that the motor is spinning but the tub is not. I can see the motor drive turning but the belt is not. The Tub is not able to be spun by hand either. I then emptied the tub down to about 1 gallon and put it on SPIN not spin-rinse and it did engage. Seems like the motor was trying to go counter clockwise when it was not able to turn tub but okay on SPIN clockwise. Trying to see if it's problem is agitating when I assume the motor goes in the oposite direction.
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It has to drain before it spins up fast, so its likely you may have something stuck/jammed in the water pump, keeping it from draining properly, I'd check that first.

Here's the water pump for your model:
201566P Direct Drive Water Pump

There is a video on how to access it here: Amana Water Pump Video

Let us know how it goes.
Thanks, but it's having this issue mid cycle and it seems when it's trying to go into aggitate mode. I only get to the SPIN issue when I'm trying to bail the water out after it's failed to progress. I think I'll try to get it 1/2 full with water and see if I can do a small rinse/spin only cycle. But the primary issue is it not transferring into agitate mode successfully.

Just confirmed RINSE/SPIN doesn't work when the motor tries to make the drum spin counterclockwise as you're looking in from the top. But if I cancel, and SPIN only it drains and spins successfully. SO, what prevents the tub from spinning in both directions?
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The water pump is connected directly to your motor, so if the water pump cant move because something is stuck in it, the motor will never run, you see what I mean?

Maybe I'm missing something here, can you please make a video of this problem with your phone and upload it here, or you can upload the video to Youtube and post the Youtube link here. Or share your video per Google Drive, Dropbox, or Microsoft OneDrive and post the share link here.
I'll try to get a video attached. the water fills the tub and exits in the spin cycle without a problem so how can there be a problem with the pump? I feel like there is a cam or something for the tub or transmission that is siezed when the motor goes in the opposite direction. I can see the motor gear spinning but the belt is not moving during what I assume is the agitation stage. Then when it goes to SPIN mode the motor engages the belt without a problem.
Good video!

Here's the parts diagram for your model: Parts for Amana LWA90AW / PLWA90AW: Agitator, Drive Bell, Washtub and Hub Parts

I see what's happening now, remove the fabric softener dispenser #16 from the agitator it should just unsnap up and off, then remove the agitator screw #12 then pull the agitator up and off the drive bell #11 and see if something is stuck/jammed underneath the agitator causing the transmission not to move the agitator back and forth, thus causing the motor not to run in the wash cycle.
got off the agitator, nothing under it but grime.

And when the power is off I am able to "free wheel" the tub in both directions and I can see the belt and motor drive wheel turn in either direction. So the trans is not bound up - it's something during the cycle that is preventing the trans from going into wash mode. It appears all trans parts are no longer available - this might be the death of this machine. Please advise.
Yes, I see from the video the transmission is fine during spin, but it seems to be binding up internally during agitate.

So the transmission is the problem: Assy, Transmission Co Y37471 but Its No Longer Available.
Yes, it had a great run.:)
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