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Magic Chef Gas Oven won't light; Burners fine


Jan 12, 2006
Rhode Island
My Magic Chef gas oven model 31001SAW won't light. The pilot glows, but I hear no gas and it never fires up. The top burners work just fine.

I'm having trouble finding information about this model - I've had it about 9 years, and I don't seem to have any documentation. However, I did read elsewhere that on Maytag ovens, there is a re-set switch underneath, and if the unit was moved recently, it might have gotten tripped. I can find no reset switch on my oven (inspecting the back and underneath) but it was moved recently. It was moved a few times actually - we moved it to our new house, and then moved it around several times to get it out of the way of all our remodeling.

So it was not only moved, it was "dormant" for several months.

Ideas anyone? Your help is much appreciated!