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Magic Chef HMDR1000ST significant leak at rear bottom.


Apr 13, 2020
western nc
Model Number
Magic Chef
1-5 years
Hello, fridge leak situation here.

I noticed several weeks ago a puddle problem with our small 10.1 sq.ft. fridge. As title says, significant leak at bottom rear. Apparently it's been going on long enough to cause slight buckling in the floor laminate. We inherited this fridge with our property late last year. Manufacture date June of 2018. Anyway, I cleaned the water and waited to see if it would return.
Today I heard dripping so I dove in to inspect. I'm new to fridges and compressors, but here's my take on the problem. The condensation or thaw cycle run-off drains into a catch pan with what looks like an element that runs through it to evaporate the drainage. The bottom catch pan was overflowing this morning, and must have been for some time due to abundant algae/slime/scum etc along with a nose puckering sour-rot, skunky smell. Don't you love odor adjectives? I assume this means the element running into the pan is not working. Is this something I can replace easily or should i seek professional help? Ideally I can order a part and give it a shot due to the whole technician-in-the-house-during-covid-19 thing.

Attached are some images. Green arrow indicates nasty slime culture. Hard to clean without tiny hands.


Dan O.

Appliance Tech
Staff member
Oct 9, 2004
smellis said:
I assume this means the element running into the pan is not working.

The tubing that is in the bucket is part of the refrigeration system's condenser. When the fridge runs the condenser gets hot (or warm) as will that tubing, which should in turn evaporate the defrost water in it. If the bucket is overflowing, too much defrost water could be entering it. That could be due to excessive frost accumulating on the evaporator coil in the freezer. Excessive frosting could be due to the door being left open, hot foods put into the fridge uncovered, the light staying on or poorly sealing door seals.

Other than overfilling, the only thing I've heard of that could prevent evaporation is if oil got into that bucket. Oil would float on the surface of the drain water and could prevent its evaporation. I suggest you clean the tray as well as possible and look into the condition of, and possibly leaking, door seals.

Dan O.