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MagicChef HMDR450BE MiniFridge Thermostat - Help with Replacement Part Number


May 10, 2021
San Diego
Model Number
Magic Chef
1-5 years
Hello/Good Afternoon,

I apologize for a verbose post, but would like to ask for help with a part number.

~3-4 months ago, our MagicChef HMDR450BE MiniFridge abruptly ceased to work at all. A multimeter confirmed that the compressor was working, and while checking the thermostat, the fridge switched back on. Since then, however, it has either cooled until well past the thermostat setting temperature has been reached, or shut off and defrosted, only turning back on when the thermostat is turned to the lowest possible setting.

I removed the thermostat a few weeks ago and applied DW40, after which it seemed to work normally for a few days, but it has now returned to erratic defrosting/excessive cooling.

The part number on the thermostat is WDF23U (pictured below), which I haven't been able to find online since starting to look several weeks ago.

Information on the WDF/WPF part numbering convention is too sparse to be useful. (I assume that the # indicates something about the temperature rating, but am not sure and don't want to purchase a part that causes the fridge to freeze or defrost everything.)

I was able to find a WDF-23A on eBay, but don't know whether that will work either, and the exact part # wasn't available on MagicChef's website.

Could anyone here please explain whether any of the commonly available, generic, WDF-## replacements other than the specific part below would work? Will WDF-20s WDF-22s, etc... replace this part?


This is an old post, and the OP has probably solved it by now, but I can say replacing a WDF27 with a WDF20 or a WDF18 did not work very well. I'm still trying to find out what the numbers mean.

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