Magnetron on Frigidaire Mircowave


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Dec 27, 2012
Largo, FL
Purchased this mircowave on 4/16/10 to have it need repaired on 12/11/12 and out of warranty. After speaking with the repair person he advised it was just as efficient to purchase a new one.

Only to find that the exact replacement was $499.00, online lowest was $451.00. We only paid $440.00. I was able to talk the applicance store to sell me the exact replacement for the $440.00. I so upset that a microwave costs me over $800.00 in in a little over 2 years.

If this new one breaks I will go back to a cheap $45.00 counter model.

I just do not understand why appliances are not lasting and are not worth the money that spent on them.
Nothing was repaired both repair people told us to just buy a new one. Articles tell everyone don't buy extended warranties but if appliances are only going to last 2-5 years we are going to need to buy extended warranties.
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