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Aug 10, 2020
oxonhill md
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6-10 years
Alright so,

I recently replaced a part, it was the thermister for this washer because it was getting water in the machine after the cycles were over leaving the clothing wet, Well...

that worked, the replacement is great but now, the machine is just spinning forever in a cycle. Even in the diagnostic service mode it continued to run and never stopped.

The time apparently went from 6 minutes to 3.. than back to 6 minutes again with no rhyme or reason.

What should i be doing to fix this you think?
Was it spinning Indefinitely before you replaced the thermistor? What is the part number of the thermistor you replaced?

That's the water inlet valve with the thermistor on it.

Your machine goes by the serial number of the water inlet valve that is used on your model, what is the serial number of your washer?

If it was not spinning Indefinitely before you replaced it, then it has to be the wrong water inlet valve, you see what I mean?


Right i understand, The original had the inlet with the thermistors just like this one does. Looks exactly the same too. The appliance parts website mentioned it functions with my washer so i used it as a replacement. Would the serial further identify something else i missed perhaps ?
Ok, the water inlet valve you installed is the correct one for your model and serial number.

I'm mystified why just after you replaced that this new problem cropped up, I've replaced about 100 of these in the last 33 years and never had that happen before.

Check the wires going to your tub switches to make sure none came off when you installed the new water inlet valve.

Here's the parts diagram for your model: Parts for Maytag MAH5500BWW: Outer Tub Parts

#2 is the unbalance switch
#16 is the tub displacement switch

Here's the unbalance switch#2 for your model:
Micro Switch WP22003302

Here's the tub displacement switch#16 for your model:
Safety Switch WP22002044


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