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Mainboard WR55X10416 replacement problem


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Aug 15, 2015
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6-10 years
Hi, everyone

So my freshfood and freezer both had failed, with compressor hot and not starting, and compressor fan stopped.
After some googling I have replaced a relay and still the same, so I'v called a repair man to do a diagnostic.

He was sure it was motherboard.
So I bought CB10942 which is a replacement or equivalent part to WR55X10942Pwhich is recommended replacement for my original board of WR55X10416.
I replaced the board. But only compressor fan starts to work but compressor still doesn't start up( doesn't cool). If I put my hand on it, it is warm and it is whirring.

On installation manual for the board,
For bottom freezer type like mine,

It says to cut 2nd prong on J1 harness connector and skip if you don't have line on 2nd prong. And I do not have a line there.

Also it says to cut a green wire if capacitor is wrapped with power line to the harness (again for bottom freezer types)
And my black capacitor is separated out, so there is no green wire. Only green wire from harness goes to the ground where it meets other green that goes to compressor.

It has been week without fridge in California where temperature is 95!
Would somebody please help!
If I put my hand on it, it is warm and it is whirring.
Machine needs 24 hours after the motherboard was installed to stabilize temperatures. After 24 hours the machine is not cooling and the compressor is running, there's an issue with the sealed system. If the board you installed is exactly identical to the WR55X10942, then all you need to do is connect the wire connectors to the board.
It already has been a day since I replaced it.
And temperatures are not dropping a single bit.

The compressor is warm ~ hot to touch.
And I can feel it is doing something but I don't feel it is actually starting.
If I push turbo-cool button compressor ought to come on, but it doesn't.

And the board isn't exactly what it replaced.

Thanks for reply tho!
Compressors normally run warm to very warm. A compressor running hot to extremely hot usually indicates a problem with the sealed system. It sounds like you may have a problem with the compressor.

Measure the compressor supply voltage at both the compressor and the motherboard:
I checked the voltage at motherboard at bottom, it reads 120V tho I maybe wrong as multimeter I'm using is analog needle type.

Compressor, I'm not quite sure how to test it.
Do I test black wire(from the multimeter) to overload and red to start or run? And I suppose while fridge is plugged in?

Thanks again.
Between the two wires going to the compressor, Black wire and Blue wire. If the compressor is running and there is no cooling there's a sealed system problem.
So on the board and compressor, they both read same at 120v.
Does this mean board is installed in properly and compressor needs to be changed? Can't believe $1100 fridge lasted 6 years.
It means there's a problem with the sealed system. The sealed system consists of the compressor, condenser, evaporator, heat exchanger, filter/drier and refrigerant. Common problems with a sealed system are bad compressors, refrigerant leaks, and system restrictions. Refrigerator sealed system problems should be diagnosed and repaired by a qualified and certified service technician with the proper tools and equipment. Sealed system repairs are expensive and will often exceed the value of the machine.
I also noticed that new mainboard clicks anytime I plug or unplug the fridge.
Slim chance that new board is faulty?
Just really want to avoid buying a new one.
Black and blue measures 120V.

Is there some good chance it is something else than compressor system?

Clicking board doesn't sound proper, maybe they sent me a faulty board?

I'm just really trying hard not to spend $1,000 on a new one.
When you first apply power you'll hear the relays on the board close. That's normal. If the compressor is running and there is no cooling the problem is in the sealed system. If the compressor is running it's getting the correct voltage from the board.
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