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Majestic Pinnacle MJ9250 RV Washer


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Nov 13, 2011
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More than 10 years
Hi all,
Have just inherited this washer that has been stored outside for an unknown period of time. I am interested in getting it running, and have so far cleaned it inside and out and removed all debris...the washer looks in good condition, and when plugged in the power light illuminates. I have yet to hook it up to hot and cold and run it, as I'm concerned that doing so may cause some damage being as it's been stored outside....electrical,motor seized etc.etc. Can anyone advise me of the the steps I should take from this stage to see if the washer actually works? Fill with water and give it a shot? Some way of checking to see that the motor is not seized before filling? Any other checks I should do before actually trying it out?
Any and all help would be appreciated....I have tried to find the manual for this model number on line with no success....have only found one for the MJ9250W which has a spin cycle speed control knob....this one does not.
Could include pics of inside and out if needed.