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FIXED MAT23PCAAW Maytag commercial coin-op washer wont drain


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Apr 11, 2020
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More than 10 years
Hi, our small condo complex has a 6 button maytag coin-op commercial washer,model MAT23PCAAW

Hardly anyone uses it so its hard to maybe get someone to own up if they broke it, but, is there a way to reset this machine? We approached it and it had the coin amount displayed but tub was full of water and no clothes inside.

GE has a thing where you unplug for a minute then plug back in and open & close the lid 6 times in 12 seconds but that didn't seem to work for this. Was hoping to trip a drain cycle before investigating if maybe this is a bad belt or pump issue.

Any ideas appreciated!

is there a way to reset this machine?

Nope. Too old for that.

coin amount displayed but tub was full of water and no clothes inside.

Check the pump.
Locate the screws on the front panel and remove them. The bottom of the front should be pulled out towards you and then the *top clips will disengage from the top panel.

maybe this is a bad belt

Belts are on the bottom.

To access the belts, remove the front panel and tilt the washer back and support it up. The belts are easy to replace from the bottom.

If needed:

LINK> Washer belt kit for Maytag models.
LINK> Maytag two belt washing machine drain pump.

Thank you, ill probably need to bail out the water in the tub. Was hoping i could get some unpaid administrator mode to magically come on to drain in. ;)
Lay the drain hose on the floor and see if the water will drain into the floor drain...if no, might be a sock or such in the pump.

The condo pres said a baby's sock got stuck in one in another building once so he'll come by to check it tomorrow. Thanks!
Hi Jeff, thank you for all your help. The condo pres took the front off and somehow he drained it. The belts were intact. The tenant who's condo shares a wall with the hookups reported water in his unit so the pres had to call a plumber. They had the entire hookup pulled out of the wall last time i looked so it was something with a fill valve or something, not the machine.

I hope the condo pres had him check the other washers' fill up, maybe replace all the hoses and check the 2 machines belts while he was there. Condo pres got annoyed anytime id ask him a question so i just let him deal with the appliance guy/plumber. But thanks for your assistance!

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