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FIXED MAV6250AWW Snubber Ring, Thrust Bearing & Suspension Springs Replacement Experience


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May 2, 2022
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More than 10 years
Last Wednesday I replaced some parts on my vintage Maytag Atlantis. With the help of the instructional videos and random YouTube videos and input of many commenters on here and elsewhere, I can say that it was a fairly easy task. There are some perils if you're a regular guy like me with not much mechanical experience.

The Motor Cover & Motor was easy enough to remove. The two Ground Screws were rusty and corroded, so I took a wire brushed them clean enough to get a bite on em.. I wirebrushed the threads and electrical connectors and coated them with dielectric grease when I reinstalled. The Upper Drain Pump Hose and the other Hose were a snap to remove.

The video that I watched didn't show the Upper Water Valve and I wound up having to unscrew the one screw holding it and slide if from its holder to move it out of the way. If you have a helper you might not have to do this.

The (6) Suspension Springs were easy enough to remove - putting in new Springs was the hardest part of the job. A YouTube commenter said to install the new Springs (facing Washer) starting at the Rear Right side, then the Front Left Side and so forth. I finished at the Middle Left.

I got the tub out, flipped it over and started with the Snubber Ring. The three 10-24, 1 1/2" long screws DO NOT come with the Ring. I went to Ace Hardware where they're readily available, for currently .13cents each. The Snubber Ring was easy and went just like the video.

The Thrust Bearing was next. This repair was the most exasperating because according to the instructional video, you're supposed to make sure that the Arrow on the new Cam falls between the two Marks on the new Pulley. I started with the Thin Washer and the Arrow didn't fall between the Marks.

I tried to install the Thick Washer. If you're by yourself, it might be better to do this repair from the bottom (Tub installed) than with the Tub out. The reason is because it might be easier to have someone push down on the Agitator (remove the Fabric Softener Dispenser) to push the Drive Shaft far enough to get the E-Clip on. If you do like I did and used a bucket with a lid on it to set the Agitator on the bucket lid you run the risk of doing like I did, the Tub becoming unbalanced and falling off the bucket, cracking the Outer Tub. I couldn't get the Drive Shaft pushed out far enough to put the E-Clip on with the Thick Washer.

The old Cam and Pulley (the Cams appear mechanically identical) did not have an Arrow or Marks. After the Tub fell, I put the Thin Washer back on.. It agitates and spins fine.

I called the guy I bought it from and he had an extra Outer Tub. I brought it back to him and he repaired it. I'm thankful because it cleans so well. Even with the tired parts. I just got it back a few hours ago and it is now finishing up its fourth load of clothes.

The point is, be very careful with the Tub. The plastic is very brittle. My machine was manufactured in March/2001, Just turned 21 years old.

I hope this made sense.

If you have an Atlantis you have a great washing machine. I hope that we can keep them in service for awhile longer.
Thanks for the experience you had fixing yours, When I worked for Wards and Sears I did these same washing machines a lot, and you are correct, the outer tub can be damaged easy if your not careful.:)


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