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MAV6257AWW Maytag Atlantis Washer not dispensing


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Sep 21, 2019
New Jersey
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6-10 years
I have read some threads but am still unsure if I can correct the issue. My son has a Maytag Atlantis. When you try to put it on spin cycle, it will not spin and smells like something is burning. The belt is fine, so I pulled the pulley off of the drum along with the plastic parts/washers. The plastic does not look broken. However, I can't turn the the agitator at all from inside the drum. It feels almost locked. I reached in and tried to manually move it but it does not turn at all and this is with the belt and pulley off. Does this have something do to with brakes that I read about? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks
You won't be able to move the agitator by hand. It's the gears in the transmission that cause agitation. When you turn the drive pulley in one direction the gears in the trans will move the agitator back and forth. When you turn the pulley in the opposite direction the thrust washer and and cam pushes against the brake package and releases the brake. The inner tub, transmission, and pulley turn together as a unit.

How do I know if the pulley and thrust bearing are the cause of my sons washer problem? I did take the pulley off and the plastic bearing but it does not appear broken as far as I can tell.
You won't know until to try turning the drive pulley by hand. The thrust bearing, cam and drive pulley don't normally break, they wear out. The most common repair on that style machine is the thrust bearing and cam replacement.
OK thank you. I will order the part. Hopefully it comes with the instructions on which order to install everything back in as when I pulled the pulley off, the other pieces all fell to the ground. I wanted to document the sequence of each piece/part but when they all fell off my plan was a bust.

Thanks again, I will report back if I was successful.
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