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MAV6300AWW Maytag Atlantis Washer Leaking from Bottom


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Sep 22, 2021
Model Number
6-10 years
I'm not sure the exact model number of this washer, the manual says MAV6250 * MAV6300 * MAV7200 * MAV7257 * MAV7258

My mom called me up to try and diagnose her washer. Symptoms are reported as a loud squeaking during certain parts of the cycle (which ones I'm not sure) and finding water on the floor after a load is finished. I took the top and front panels off, ran some water in, and ran spin cycle to pump it out. I didn't hear the squeaking. There's no water at all near the inlet hoses, drain pump or drain tubing. The only place I saw water is in the back left corner of the washer where I don't see any type of connections. There's some on the outside bottom of the tub and on the base, but that's it and only in the back left corner. Would this be a seal somewhere on the tub? Is there more than one? If so and I have to take that apart do I need specialized tools to do so?

Here's some pics showing the area where it gets wet, not the best but may help identify things:

Added complete model number

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We would need the complete model number first, read it from the model number tag, which should be located under the lid.

In your 2nd photo I do see a water drip from the middle and that indicates the tub seal is starting to leak.

Don't be intimidated about working on these machines yourself.

About a month ago, I bought a used Atlantis model# MAV6250AWW serial 20895168ZF (manufactured March/2001). I have to say that it still runs really well and I haven't had such clean fresh clothes since before the government messed up appliances lol.

Since last June I have to wash a load or 2 or 3 nearly everyday due to an elderly, semi-incontinent and messy parent. The previous washer a new 2017 Kenmore Model 200 gave up.

So after purchasing this Atlantis from a neighbor who collects, refurbishes and resells used appliances and getting it set up, off we went.

Right away I was impressed at how well it operated. It's also very pretty, looks antique.

After a couple of weeks of use, I noticed one day that a Cycle had ended but it was still full of water. I moved the Timer-Dial to Spin on a different Cycle and it finished fine. A couple of random times it had drained and spun but the clothes would still be wet.

I started researching, spent a lot of time here and elsewhere ( I was surprised there was so much info about these washers out there) and decided that the problem could be either the Timer or Drain Pump. I may have to replace the Timer yet, but for now I decided to replace the Drain Pump and Belt.

The links that Jake provides (thanks Jake) do contain videos showing how to make the repair. Going by the videos you will see that the Atlantis is incredibly easy to work on. Just lift the top and remove the two screws that hold the Front Panel in place and you have access to everything. (Unplug it first, turn off the water and remove the Belt).

The Drain Pump is sitting in the front, right side corner. Undo the two water hoses, take out the three screws, clean as much as you can. Then install the new Drain Pump. I guess the old one was the second DP this machine had, because I saw a sticker on the metal baseplate that had a manufacturing date of July/2005. Also please note that the new Drain Pumps do not have the metal baseplate, they're all plastic.

I put the new Belt on and it works great. Seems like it Spins faster too.

After watching the Thrust Bearing, Snubber Ring and Suspension Springs repair videos, I've ordered those parts and hope to have them in tomorrow or the next day. It does make a woop, woop noise when it spins and by replacing those I hope to take some stress off the Motor and Transmission.

Unless/until a major part goes out that is unavailable, my opinion is that with routine maintenance and not jamming it full of clothes these machines could last indefinitely.

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