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Maytag 3Dr French Door Too Cold MFI2569VEW


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Jul 23, 2014
Valparaiso, Indiana
Model Number
6-10 years
The temp on the door display is 0 & 39. However, this machine is temping at -2 to 0 in the freezer and 30 in the fridge.

Should I be concerned? I was thinking I may have an issue with the thermistor kit (12002355). If you agree, would you suggest just replacing both the freezer and the fridge kits? They are the same. Or is it one kit for both?

Hi Matt, Does MFI2569VEW have any more numbers on it at the end? Does the serial number of the refrigerator start with 10?

The refrigerator thermistor seems way off, you ohm test them both by using a multimeter to ohm test its resistance. At room temperature (77*F) the thermistor should measure about 10K ohms.

Here's the refrigerator thermistor for your model if its MFI2569VEW10:
12002355 Thermistor Kit
Hi Jake! Thanks for getting back to me.

There are no more digits or letters after the model number. However, the serial number does start with a 10.

It sounds like you agree that the thermistor may be the issue. The freezer is on target though. Would you just replace the fridge kit. Or does the "kit" come with both the freezer and the fridge thermistors?

The thermistor kit I posted the link to in post #2 above is just the refrigerator section thermistor, it doesn't come with an additional freezer thermistor. The freezer thermistor seems fine.

Let us know how it goes Matt.
Sounds good Matt, keep us posted.
Well, we installed the fridge thermistor and are still getting the same result. Fridge is clocking in at 28 but set to 38. Freezer is doing a great job at 0. Any suggestions? I cant imagine it is a stuck damper.

Ohm test the new thermistor then, it could be defective.
Yes, At room temperature (77*F) the thermistor should measure about 10K ohms.
The only other part that would cause this problem is the main control board, since the thermistor is good.

Here's the main control board for your model:
WPW10310240 High Voltage Control Board

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