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Maytag A106 won't spin or agitate, trans ok, motor ok...whats next?


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Feb 15, 2012
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Alrighty, So I have a Maytag A106, the washer fills, and timer runs through the cycle, but does nothing else.

I replaced the belts and the motor since the old one was VERY hard to turn (bad bearing I presume) and I cleaned all the nasty dirt from the years of service off of it. Since the motor and trans is ok (I got it to spin a lil bit but stopped working after I lifted the lid) I'm wondering what else I should check that would cause it to not agitate or spin?
Oh and yes I have checked several times for stuck clothing, seems to be a common issue.

I Just had an apiphany....Lid switch....Man what a pain...all this for a lid switch...Where is the best place for the lid switch? I may have found one for around $30 but that seems like a lot of money for a little plastic switch.
Looks Identical to this picture
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WOW, don't see many of these Maytags anymore, are you the original owner of it since it was new?

Here's the lid switch currently $24 here:
Manufacturer's Number: 279347

Well, I played with the switch till it started working, for a while anyways, but now I get a humming sound...My Godmother bought it new around the time I was born 1980's ish I figure it has to be a late '70's or early '80 model, I also found a few switches with that part number on Amazon and ebay for around 5-10 bucks, But I'd like to buy American if I have a choice in the matter...Oh and I'm on the hunt for a replacement dial, the teeth on ours is worn out, makes it very hard to turn.
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I don't mean to double post but Is there anywhere I can find an A106 repair manual? I only found one for a 160 A900 A902 A906 and A906(revised)...

And could my issues be a "Start Capacitor" And where is that located so I can inspect it? Bad caps are pretty easy to spot and test once I manage to find it...
Tilt the washer back to get underneath it and remove the belts then start it again and see if it still hums.

Sorry, I don't have any repair manuals for this model, and don't know where to get it from.

I took the belts and the front panel off and gave the motor a lil bump with my boot and it started running, It's the same pulleys and belts I used before so they shouldn't be too tight...I'm a lil confused, lol
ugh, I just replaced the dang thing..though it was slightly used:rolleyes:..Guy said it worked fine when pulled..and had fantastic feedback..(yes I know no need to rub it in)....Could it be the motor switch? At all? I'd Much rather spend 50+ on a switch then 130+shipping that I don't have:( And I still haven't spotted a Capacitor kit on the thing, they said in the description of one of the online parts places it can help with older houses with less then optimal electricity....which is what I have. And I got no idea on how to install it.
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Definitely not buying a new one! I love this one! though I am learning quite a lot about these washers over this last week or so, if I gotta buy a brand new motor then it will happen, I actually found a guy with parts to convert this one over to A806 specs, which I really REALLY like....but I'm not sure if I need a two speed motor or not with that conversion or which one to buy, i'm sure when it comes down to putting the money down on the new parts I'll have that figured out...however this is now a challenge to figure out why this isn't working correctly...I uploaded pics to the automatic washer forum...Caution Keep clear of dial up (lol)
Unfortunately, I can't assist you in using other motors to make your washer work, only thing I can say is if you want to keep this washer then don't buy used motors for it, get the new motor and be done with it, unless you have time to tinker with used parts.:)

I'm 70% sure the upgrade uses the same motor, the trans is interchangeable, and if I have to get another motor I WILL be buying a new Maytag branded OEM motor, however, there seems to be differences in motors available I'd like to ask about before learning another lesson....
Item #1066792 (OEM Part)
Washer motor, 1 speed, 230 volt 50/60HZ
Manufacturer Number 12002352
Then there is available a....
Drive Motor
Item #1063646 (OEM Part)
Washing machine drive motor, one speed (120 volt)
Manufacturer Number 12002351
Then my Ebay motor
OEM Maytag
motor specs are
1/3 HP 115V 60hz 6.9AMP 1725 RPM
old seized original motor
1/3HP 115V 6.4 AMP
60hz 1725RPM

The motor in your link didn't have the specs on it so I can't compare that one, My common sense (what little I have) is saying I should get the one that is closest to oem specs as possible.
You know, I have many bad things to say about buying parts on ebay, If you want this fixed right go to a local appliance shop in your area with the motor in hand and see if they have a motor that can be matched up with the original motor.

You know, even if you get the motor installed and it works, there is no guarantee that 6 months down the road your transmission goes out, then you go putting more money into this old unit and by the time its all said and done you could have bought a new washer.

I don't mean to rave here but I have seen this too many times when folks try to nickel and dime their washer to death.:)

So on a hunch...Because the new motor came in a box full of packing peanuts (lol?) I cleaned it and used some electronics cleaner hoping it was just dirty the motor fired up as if it was new afterwards. then I figured out that it agitates too slow...ok could be a bad bushing in the trans or the oil is nasty, I used a blow dryer on the trans to heat it up a lil....Sure enough it runs as if new.
downside is, I need to replace the oil in the trans, I do not have a service manual for this model series...however I do have lots of experience in the automotive field (I'm actually building a car from the ground up) so I am good with a wrench.
anybody know where I could get my hands on a copy of the service manual so I don't mess anything up while figuring this out?
I was thinking more like cleaning the old gunk out and replacing with new lube, I'm sure I'll still need the tools however thank you for the links, here is a picture of my transmission I didn't know those other trans would work in mine they look very different! lol ...Right now its running its 3rd load, it's a hot water only machine for now...:(
I have the old trans with the counterweight attached.
Transimission Case Gasket 22210632 Order now for same day shipping. 365 day return policy. RepairClinic.com
Transmission, Brake or Clutch Component 6-0560800 Order now for same day shipping. 365 day return policy. RepairClinic.com

And the picture of my trans the pictures are kinda large sorry...
http://www.automaticwasher.org//COLLECTIONS/INTERCEPTOR1985//13@Transmission @INTERCEPTOR1985.jpg

If I was to drop the money on a brand new trans, does that new agitator come with a filter? And how hard would it be on the trans vs the old power fin?
With a Husky and two cats in the house that filter gets a workout..lol
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No, no more filters are in any washers period.

This transmission assembly I posted above is the universal replacement for your model.

At $460 for a new transmission assembly you can buy a brand new washer for that price today at Sears during the Presidents day sale.:)

Yes, I know I keep harping on a new washer, but with 20 plus years of going on service calls its instinct for me to say that.:)

Wait whut? No more filters? With the amount of fur and regular lint I pulled out of the washer's filter today I am shocked that they would nix the filters all together! And I shake out the dirty laundry before putting it in there....Just wow.
The filter is in all dryers.:)

I know, but its nice to pull perfectly clean clothes out after a good hard scrubbing in the washer almost lint free, my dryer does a pretty good job at catching Husky fur so I guess that's a plus.:D
btw, I just washed almost everything in the house that could be washed in a washing machine..lol

Old Maytag loves the HOT water...Still needs a bit of work but I'm happy she hasn't given up yet:)

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