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Maytag A412 10 sec. spin & no drain


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Jun 15, 2023
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More than 10 years
This began with a burning smell, and a screaming sound during drain, however it did get to the end of the cycle. Now, symptoms are clear and repetitive. It agitates, hits spin, but only spins 10 seconds and stops. It repeats this three times after one minute pauses, then there is 20 minutes of ticking until the timer gets to the KNIT part of the dial and the washer will begin to agitate again. Timer won't stop. I replaced belts and observed them being driven by motor. Impeller turns freely. Checked its hoses. What is stopping that spin cycle?
Possibly that problem is the bearing had worn out when its not spinning properly. If you remove the belts does the motor continue to run properly in spin?

Here's the tub bearing kit for your model:
6-2040130 Tub Bearing Kit

Whenever you change the tub bearing you ALWAYS have to change the tub mounting stem seal kit assembly.

Here's the mounting stem seal kit assembly for your model:
6-2095720 Mounting Stem Repair Kit

The video on how to replace these two parts are located in the part links.
Then its likely the bearing is wearing out and causing this.
Also, if that bearing is failing, wouldn't that affect the agitation cycle? This machine agitates just fine.

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