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Maytag Atlantis MDE7400AYQ - Wont Turn off!


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Dec 6, 2022
Limerick PA
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1-5 years
Hi guys, Longtime lurker, first time poster. I am stumped by this.

I have a Maytag MDE7400AYQ Electric dryer where the timer will not advance the cycle or turn off. I have replaced the timer / knob assembly with both OEM parts (Maytag #33002803 & 33002855), thinking perhaps it was due to one of the parts but still no change. What else should i be testing / checking? What other sensors could be holding out the timer?


Hi Bob, with no clothes in the dryer do a NO HEAT/AIR DRY cycle and see if the timer advances to OFF.
Ok Bob, thanks very odd, it should of advanced.

That make 2 timers for this model, depending upon your serial number, what's the serial number of your dryer? What's the part number of the timer you ordered?

If your dryer serial number starts with 15 or lower this is the timer for your model:
WP33002855 Timer

If your dryer serial number starts with 16 or higher this is the timer for your model:
WP33002803 Timer
Yes it is super strange indeed, on all the research i have done on this issue i cant find anything quite the same.

Mine has a serial # of 24671814EN

When i started the project, i installed a replacement 2803 timer and it didnt advance.

I then ordered and installed a 2855 timer and it didnt advance (this is the timer that is currently installed and i did the air fluff test with).

I will go ahead and install the replacement 2855 timer and do the air fluff test again tonight.

There are only so many components to this machine so i am rather stumped. Any suggestions or thought process is appreciated.
Ok, your serial number starts with 24, so that indicates, the 2803 is the correct one.

If your dryer serial number starts with 16 or higher this is the timer for your model:
WP33002803 Timer

If that still does not advance, look for a loose or broken wire at the timer electrical connector.
Well I have reinstalled a new 2803 Timer assembly and the dryer still will not turn off. I closely inspected the wiring connections to this timer and didnt see anything. Any additional suggestions?
Sorry Bob, I'm out of suggestions. Hopefully another tech. or member that's seen and fixed this problem can shed some light on it for us.
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