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Maytag Bravos Error F51 after replacing bearings ? What did we do wrong?


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Apr 11, 2011
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Hello and thank you in advance for any assistance.

We have a Maytag Bravos MVWB300WQ1 washing machine that is 5 1/2 years old. The bearing started to go and it was making a horrible noise - sounded like an airplane ready to take off :(

We bought the bearing kit and the bearing tool and we replaced the bearings about 4 days ago. It was working fine for 8 or 9 loads and now we have an error F51.

Any suggestions for what we may have done wrong. I have read that perhaps the wiring to the stader is loose or the bolts are not tight. So we are about to pull it out and check all bolts and connections on the bottom. Any suggestions for what we should be looking for would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Much

F then 51 flashes when there is a motor rotor position sensor (RPS) failure or lower harness problem. Activate Manual Diagnostic Test Mode, and check the motor and electrical connections by performing the Spin test under Manual: Motor on the tech sheet. Check to see if basket will turn freely. Remove the console to access the machine/motor control assembly. Check that the P5 and P10 connectors are inserted all the way into the machine/motor control.

Verify resistance values at P5-1 to P5-2 and P5-1 to P5-3- should be 31 ohms +- 5 ohms.

Verify resistance values at P10-6 to P10-5, 4, and 3. Should be 1.5K ohms +- 100 ohms.
Hi - before we saw your reply, my husband flipped it over, and removed the rotor and the stader and removed and then reattached the wiring harness and the connectors. He also made sure everything was tightened. Then we ran it for a cycle and received an "Sd" or "5d" error but it kept going. We ran a second load and no errors, no problems. We will keep running loads and will let you know if have more errors.

Also, we cannot get this machine into the diagnostic mode. Can you refer me to the instructions and where can we find the "tech sheet"

I don't have the tech sheet for that particular model. Sd is displayed when the machine/motor control, by analyzing drag on the basket, detects a suds-lock condition, and is steady on while the control then runs a mini cleanout cycle. If the cleanout cycle is unable to correct the over-sudsing problem, the cycle ends and Sd flashes in the display. The mini clean out cycle probably corrected it. Try this:

Be sure the washer is in standby mode (plugged in with all indicators off) or in setting mode (plugged in and power up just before running a cycle).Select any one button (except POWER/CANCEL and START/PAUSE) and follow the steps below, using the same button:

Press/hold 3 seconds. Release for 3 seconds. Press/hold 3 seconds. Release for 3 seconds. Press/hold 3 seconds.

If this test mode has been entered successfully, all indicators on the console are illuminated for 5 seconds with 8:88 showing in the Estimated Time Remaining three-digit display.

If indicators do not display as described above, the press/hold/release procedure above may not have been performed within the time frame necessary for successful entry. Repeat step the steps again to ensure this was not the cause.

The test sequence continues by checking for saved fault codes If there are saved fault codes, they will be displayed.

If there are no saved fault codes, all indicators on the console will momentarily turn off, then turn back on with 8:88 displayed. After 5 seconds, the Automatic test begins.
So, I found a solution to this problem.
If the Allen bolt that goes into the driveshaft isn't tightened properly (in my case it was too tight), the motor is out of line and causes friction. I had the exact same problem, and tightened everything by hand instead of my drill. It is much quieter and hasn't thrown a code yet.

I hope this helps anyone like me that has never serviced a newer washing machine.

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