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Maytag bravos leaking water after replacing Bearings shaft and seal assembly.


Feb 7, 2022
Model Number
Bravos 300 quiet
6-10 years
I replaced bearings, shaft & seal with a Maytag bearing kit and assembly tool. I really had to bang the drive shaft through the bearings to get the seal collar flush with the upper bearing (Out of concern I visually inspected the tub and couldn't see any damage.).

I cleaned the upper bearing pocket and seal surface very well( no discoloration on a white rag and no visible debris in cup ), greased the inside of the seal, applied the adhesive to the outer seal edge, set the seal working it in with my thumbs and then used the PVC pipe supplied to drive the seal level with the tub edge, added a bead of adhesive to the top of the seal and spread it out over the seal then let it cure for 48 hrs. before replacing the drum assembly and putting it back into service.

The bearing noise quit and the machine sounded like new, however after about 24hrs of run time water was noticed coming from under the machine. Has anyone cracked the tub during this process?

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