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Maytag Bravos MCT Toploader Model# MVWX655DW1 Not draining properly, making grinding noise during agitation


Jun 1, 2023
Moncton NB
Model Number
6-10 years
So long story short, my washer started leaving the clothes sopping wet after the wash cycle, we would in turn put it on the drain and spin, which helped but the clothes are still more saturated then if it was working properly. I noticed a grinding/slipping sound as well. I did all of my troubleshooting, i took all of the hoses off, disconnected water, checked drain pump for obstruction, kinks, clogs ect, everything was perfectly fine.

I went ahead and ordered a new drain pump thinking this had to be it. Installed the new drain pump, put everything back together, and the washer is still doing the same thing, leaving the clothes to wet, and making a grinding noise. Today i went back in for a second look, again, i checked all the hoses, clamps. No clogs, and everything was installed back properly. I took the plastic cover off the housing for the belt, and inspected it, to me, it looked flawless, and was still tight on the pulleys. I am at a loss. Help! family of 6, another day behind on laundry lol.
Check your hub next.

Here's the hub for your model:
W10528947 Hub

Here's a video to access/replace it:

--->Look at these photos below of the hub teeth grinded down to smooth. It should NOT be grinded down to smooth.


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