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Maytag Centennial Problems


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Jul 8, 2016
North Carolina
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I have a Maytag Centennial Top Load Washer that is really being a frustration.:wall:

I bought this washer new from Lowe's approx eight years ago. has been good up until this past year. It got to agitating before filling, it seemed to not be synchronized, stinking bad and dancing all over the floor while spinning. Well I tore it down. It was disgusting. I cant believe how much scum had built up in the inner tub. Well I cleaned it. all new springs and pads also new load/temp control. Reassembled it and it worked like a charm for about 3-4 months...then it started making a "ratcheting" sound one morning 2 weeks ago.

I automatically took it to the garage and tore into it. Initially I was at a loss. Couldn't find anything that was obviously wrong. Took it down to the gear case. Separated and tested the motor..which appeared to be OK. The pump spins OK without noise. I put the gear case in my vice and torqued it with my drill. No noise. Made a drill bit to do this:encouragement:

The teeth on the motor and transmission are intact and the wafer that goes between the gear box and motor is ok. I went ahead and tore the gear box apart? I figured there had to be something worn or broke? Nope. Not even wear on the plastic gears. Refilled and resealed and reassembled the washer. Same noise.

I watched a vid on you tube...the guys Maytag was making the same noise only when agitating...and said it was the "agitation cam" $22.00 part. Tore it down this am and replaced the agitation cam. Reassembled only to hear the same noise and also noticed for the first time that the drum was not moving with spinning or fully moving when agitating. You know how you can hear the water sloshing...it is moving but not as much as I thing it should.

Ah hah...it got to be the clutch. When I tore it down it looked in ok shape. The pads were not terribly worn, but went and got a clutch kit $44.00 and installed it. I think the noise is improved but it still is not spinning and agitating?

Super frustrated. I really think I am missing something incredibly small "upstream" but I cannot find a service manual. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Ragnar,

Can you make a video of this sound your hearing and upload the video to Youtube and link it here?

So right now its making the ratcheting noise and not agitating or spinning? Is the motor running while its making this noise? Have you tried to remove the motor and sit it on the floor while its still hooked up to the electrical connector and put it in spin and agitate to see if the motor itself is the culprit?

Here's the motor for your model:
Drive Motor WP661600

You also checked the motor coupling to make sure its not broken?

Here's the motor coupling for your model:
Motor Coupling 285753A


Thanks for the help. I have not tried to run the motor outside the cabinet but I will very soon. I did look at the motor coupling it appears to be in good shape. Never have uploaded a video but I will, Think I will get the motor out first and run it.

Just wondering. Will the motor run outside the cabinet? Without water connected? Do I need to bypass anything? Yes...I am a serious appliance novice!

Thanks ahead of time.

Followed your instructions. After pulling the motor...it seems to run smooth. Then I pulled the gearbox and ran the motor/gearbox and here is a problem. See my first You Tube Video, Steves Phone 7 16 16 002 - YouTube

So...no more ratcheting but the gearbox is not working properly. It may still be there but it is obvious that I reassembled something wrong. I included a picture also. Do you think this is usable. Just curious. Don't want to keep buying parts if not necessary.Steve's Phone 7-16-16 004.jpg

Thanks for the help.
Ok I saw your video, From all my time working at Wards and Sears we always replaced the gearcase assembly complete, we never opened it up to try to fix the internal parts.

Now Rick is real good at these and heres a good thread with lots of detail of the internal gearcase: FIXED Kenmore 70 Series washer won't agitate but does spin

Yes, the drive block is showing quite a bit of wear, it would be best to replace it:
Drive Block WP389140 Order now for same day shipping. 365 day return policy. RepairClinic.com

Awesome and thanks. Here is a picture of the brake and drive tube. How much where is acceptable? Could this have been the source of noise?


Thanks Again,

Is the metal carved out where that black ring is at towards the middle top?


Just got in from the beach and ordered my parts. Gonna get to the gearbox, really think I put it together wrong, and I will keep you posted. Thanks again for the advice.

Ok Ragner, Sounds good, Keep us posted.


Got the kids in bed, wife at beach, parts arrived earlier today. Time to jump in. Wish me luck. Oh...got the laptop up to reference those nice diagrams.

Thanks Again,
Sounds good Ragner, did you install the parts? Are you back in business?


I wish I were back in business...the parts are spot on. My problem remains the gearbox...I am missing something. Gonna get back to it tonight after the kids are down. I have the gearbox in my vice. Using a cordless drill and a bit I made to turn gearbox. It will agitate now but still cant get it to spin? Printing the diagrams in that thread. I will keep this site up tonight while working on it.


Sorry for the delay. I do appreciate your help. Here is a short video. Ragnar 7 26 16 112 - YouTube

I am starting to believe that whatever is wrong is beneath the spin gear. From playing with this and reading that other thread the spinning action is dependent on the different parts (trip lever, latch, and spin pawl) engaging the spin gear.

Again, Thanks.
You may be better off getting the complete gearcase assembly.

When I worked at Sears and Wards we techs never went into the gearcase to repair it, we just replaced the gearcase assembly and it always fixed it, so I can't be much more help than what I've already posted for you to go by.

Here's the transmission(gearcase) for your model you can order:
Whirlpool W10140307 Gearcase - AppliancePartsPros.com

Watch this video:


I have Maytag centennial washer that would not spin so replace accuator now when I run diagnostic I get code F7E1 what should I check next?
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