Maytag Clothes Washer - won't warrenty anything that will actually go wrong


Jan 14, 2013
Wasaga Beach
I have owned my Maytag aka Whirlpool Washer/Dryer front loading combo for just over 2 years now. The washer is a Maytag 2000 series, model# MHWE250XL00. Yesterday while doing my laundry I noticed that a tear has developed on the rubber ring that prevents water from leaking out from the front loading door. I called Maytag/Whirlpool today to see if it is warrantied and if not, how much it would cost to replace. To my dismay the agent on the phone said that that rubber ring is not warrantied (tho all the metal mechanisms and the metal laundry basket is for 2-5 years) and that it will cost $140 dollars to get a new rubber ring + $10 shipping. After checking out their site and seeing a lot of their metal mechanical parts are 20-50 bucks to order, I almost lost it when he said 140 bucks for a piece of rubber. The unit cost me either $700 or $750 dollars so I fail to see how a rubber ring costs %20 of the original purchase price. Thanks Maytag/Whirlpool for screwing yet another customer. I will make damn sure never to buy your garbage again because your poor quality, poor customer service, and "held at gunpoint" replacement part pricing is something I will never go through again. Obviously there's a reason as to why your stuff is $100 cheaper then other companies...bc it's garbage. However, to look on the Brightside, I now have something to preach about while I'm at work to all my customers and friends/family, and that's to do my best in making sure nobody buys their crap again and put down this low quality company whenever humanly possible. So if you are reading this blog and looking to see what to buy, please let me be the first to say spend the extra money on a higher end company and don't buy anything Maytag/Whirlpool, the upfront savings is just gonna slap you in the face later and they won't give a damn to help you without first ripping you off. **BTW, I bought this combo from home depot if anyone was curious.