Maytag Dishwasher (MDBH969AWB1) parts


Dec 26, 2017
Hey Folks,

I have a 7 year old, Maytag Dishwasher that has loads of still usable parts.
Mod and Ser.jpg
Along with the standard dishes, we also washed my son's nebulizers. Because of the nebulizers, we always rinsed the dishes before hand and never, not even once, put knives in the washer.
In turn, the racks and baskets are in near perfect condition.

Also, toward the end of October, the control panel was replaced.
Control Panel repair.jpg
Control Panel.jpg
Everything was working great until we got hammered with snow and the power was blinking off and on again. That was all it took to take out the pump.

So...we bit the bullet and replaced it and now I've now got a well taken care of but non-functional dishwasher in my basement.

On the bright side, the control panel has been used, once a day for about a month and a half.
Those bad boys are not cheap. They can be bought new for between $100 and $150.

And while the tech was replacing it, he gave the whole system a once over and the control board is working as desired/designed as well.
They are not cheap either. Again, between $100 and $150 new.

I've no idea how much the racks and baskets would be and I'm sure there are other parts that are still very useful to someone that's looking to keep theirs running a while longer.

I'll sell the board and the panel for $50 each.
Everything else, make me an offer.

BTW, I live in Woodstock, GA and I'll ship if you'll pay. :)

Thanks for reading,

Tony Whitfield