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Maytag Dryer Drum Squeak


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Sep 23, 2005
Naperville, IL
First timer here, so be easy on me! ;-)

I've got a Maytag dryer that squeaks as the drum turns. First, I tried to spray WD-40 on the pullies that guide the belt around the drum, but that didn't do it.

With the power cord pulled from the outlet, I pulled off the front panel and then the 2 screws that hold the top on, got the top out of the way, and lightly wiggled the drum. I can hear the squeak coming from the back of the drum.

Where could this squeak be coming from? I'm hoping I don't have to pull the drum out to WD40 whatever it is that's squeaking.
Continuing to investigate... There's an idler pulley (?) in the back, lower right side. If I grab that and pull/push on it, the squeak can be duplicated. I'll try to spray some WD-40 on that, although it doesn't look like anything move other than the pully. If I wiggle the pulley, no squeak. So, it's the thing the pulley attaches to...

Any thoughts?
Alright - all done....

It wasn't the pulley attachment. Picture this: there's the ignitor and gas valve and the flame moves through the 4 inch (?) tube to the rear of the dryer... then the heat goes up the back of the dryer via some rectangular duct, etc... Where the 4 inch tube meets the part that goes up the back of the dryer. That's where the squeak came from. The 4 inch tube sits in the rectangular duct and rubs. It became a squeak. I forced a nail between the tube and the "receiver" and wiggled everything around. No squeak. I put it all back together and ran it for about 10 minute - No more squeak!!

Great job Bikerbill7!:)

Glad you got it fixed!:3:

Thanks for the update,


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