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Maytag dryer repaired, but feels hot


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Apr 12, 2014
west coast
Model Number
Howdy, all.
New to the forum, so be nice! :)

Maytag dryer: HYE2460AYW

Problem: My Maytag dryer seems too hot to touch in parts of the upper left above the coil. Only a small area feels hot. Most of the top feels normal. I'm not sure what the baseline normal is. So, i'm not sure if this is an issue or a concern. I checked the exhaust temperature, and it's about 112 degrees.

History: The multi-rib belt in my Maytag dryer recently wore down and snapped. I'm not an expert, but i replaced the belt myself. At first i had issues snapping the drum back into place tightly. took me a few times, but it appears to have a good seal now. The felt seal on the back wall does appear wore down. I'm considering replacing the seal. Could that be what's making things hot? a bad seal?

The dryer is now drying clothes better than ever!

Twice a year I tear down the dryer to clean the lint (and in the vents as best i can).

So, anybody know if this "too hot to the touch" is an issue or semi-normal?

Thanks for your thoughts!


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