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Maytag front load dryer not running.


Aug 1, 2023
Model Number
1-5 years
My dryer has stopped running. The display will turn on and when selecting the mode and pressing start, the timer will begin counting down. The motor or anything else will begin working like it should. The display does show sensing. Occasionally after powering off and powering back on and starting the cycle the motor will bump over but for less than a second. I have ran a diagnostic check on the display with no codes. I also have ran the control system test but motor still does not turn on. I have removed dryer and checked for voltage at the outlet as well as at the dryer eliminating the power cord. I removed the top and rear covers, checked and cleaned every connection. I tested the thermal fuse for continuity and it checks out. I cleaned all the the lint build up around the motor and area. I re-installed the rear panel and plugged the dryer back up. I started the dryer and everything worked like it should. So all the dryer needed was a good cleaning. So, I thought. I put the top cover back on, hooked the vent hose back up, and slid back into place. Tried to start the dryer and back to where we started, not working. I then unhooked the vent and tried to restart and nothing still. The ccu shows a green flashing light and I am wondering if there is something wrong with it. There is no obvious signs of something being wrong.

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