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Maytag LAT4915AAE washer won't spin

May 23, 2022
New Mexico
Model Number
More than 10 years
My Maytag washer model LAT4915AAE will not spin. I estimate the age to be around 25+ years old based on a receipt I found left by previous owners (the washer came with the house).

A while back, when doing a load of laundry, the washer started smoking (burnt rubber smell) significantly during the spin cycle. I wasn't home for this (my wife was), so I'm not certain whether or not it was spinning at this time, though it had been spinning before this (and made a whining noise occasionally during spin cycle). I replaced the belts as they looked pretty worn.

Since replacing the belts, the washer has not spun, still makes a slight burning rubber smell (though not like before, when the room filled with smoke), and makes a loud whine during the wash cycle. Based on slightly opening the door to check if is spinning (or slowing from a spin), it does not seem as if the washer is spinning at all. It does seem to agitate and the water does drain, though obviously without spinning, most items are still quite wet at the end of a cycle.

I can move the belts manually. Moving the belts manually does not make the tub move. However, with much effort, I can manually move the tub (that is not by using the belts but by turning it myself). I know that the belts are moving during a spin cycle because I removed the front, ran the spin cycle, and saw belts moving under the washer.

When I tried looking up the issue, most searches led to a suggestion that motor is not working. Perhaps my understanding of washers is wrong, but is the motor what drives the belts, which then move the tub? So if it's not the belts and not the motor, what else could need to be replaced or repaired? We don't live in an area with nearby appliance specialists (70+ miles), so either I fix it myself or replace it with something else.


Appliance Tech - Admin
Staff member
Aug 24, 2004
Redmond, Oregon
Usually that problem is the bearing had worn out when its not spinning properly.

Here's the tub bearing kit for your model:
6-2040130 Tub Bearing Kit

Whenever you change the tub bearing you ALWAYS have to change the tub mounting stem seal kit assembly.

Here's the mounting stem seal kit assembly for your model:
6-2095720 Mounting Stem Repair Kit

The video on how to replace these two parts are located in the part links.

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